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Adult Entertainment Games Forum [Go ALLADULTS]
Amateurs, pros, men, women, straight, gay, and everything in between. We’ve got it all with no additional fees or sign-ups!

Adult Sexuality Forum [Go HSX200]
Limited access forum for serious discussions of a serious subject: a compassionate community whose members feel safe sharing feelings and experiences.

African American Horizons Forum
Community on CompuServe for people of color! Discuss politics, issues, the arts, music, movies, relationships and family.

All For Women Forum [Go ALLWOMEN]
One of the rare adult entertainment spots on the Web for women. Hard male bodies to lust over here. No additional fees or sign-ups.

All Animals Forum
From birds to rabbits, sheep to zebras, this is the place to discuss your favorite animals, domestic or wild!

Astronomy Forum
Discover what celestial bodies lie in our heavens, how they move and interact, and what they look like up close using today's telescopic technology.

Audio Forum
See Video & Home Theater Forum.

Automobile Forum
Your online source for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Talk to industry pros and other car buffs.

Bodybuilding Forum
Sculpt your body with tips on diet, equipment, and workout routines.

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Cancer Forum
Share and contribute information with others who are exposed to the difficulties of cancer and gain valuable knowledge about the illness.

Career Management Forum
Learn how to advance or change your career, with help on getting a raise, writing a resume, finding a job, and surviving as an employee.

Casual Chat Forum
A Forum for a mature crowd enjoying casual, intelligent discussions on a variety topics from current events to the meaning of life.

Catholic Online Forum [Go CATHOLIC]
Get news from the Vatican, learn what's happening around the Catholic world, check the Saint of the Day, and meet other Catholics here.

Catlovers Forum
Learn how to correct behavioral problems and what to do about stray cats. You can also find showing and breeding information for national competitions and shows.

Christian Fellowship Forum
This Forum is made up of Christians who share an interest and concern for the religious, spiritual and ethical dimensions of life.

Christian Information Network Central Forum
See CIN Central Forum.

Chronic Illness Forum
Share and contribute information with others who are exposed to the difficulties of chronic illnesses, and gain valuable knowledge from a variety of resource materials and member participation.

CIN Central Forum
Come here for Christian chat, fellowship, worship, support, and prayer. Explore such topics as the persecuted church, family issues, and worship.

Civil War Forum
Bring history alive as enthusiasts and historians share wisdom and insight about one of the darkest times in U.S. history.

Classic CompuServe Help Forum
CompuServe Help Forum for Classic Compuserve members, the place for assistance with Classic CompuServe services and software.

Collectibles Forum
Experienced and new collectors, keep up to date with the latest in collecting.

Comedy and Jokes
Join our humorous community for online laughter, and enjoy an assortment of downloadable jokes, sound clips and images of your favorites.

Comics/Animation Forum
Explore the art of comic books, comic strips, and animation, as you meet comic creators and fellow fans.

Compuserve 2000 Help
See CompuServe Help Community

Compuserve Classic Help
See Classic CompuServe Help Forum

CompuServe Help Community
Support for CompuServe 2000 versions 5-7 and both sides of Our World, through chat, files and messages.

Computing Support Information Desk Forum
The Computing Support Information Desk is the place to visit for help in navigating the Computing Support area online.

Cooks Online Forum
Rustle up some grub in the finest possible way! Cooking enthusiasts and professionals of all times make Cooks Online their home for recipes, hints, tips and just plain fun.

Court Reporters Forum
Communicate with professional court reporters and scopists in a forum dedicated to the court reporting profession.

Crime Forum
Your online community for discussing, analyzing, venting and reading about crimes and criminals past and present.

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Democratic Forum
The Democratic forum is designed to be a place where people can congregate, obtain information and converse about Democratic politics.

Diabetes Forum
Exchange information and ideas with a worldwide community of people who share your interest in diabetes, hypoglycemia, and related genetic conditions and autoimmune conditions.

Doglovers Forum
Find knowledgeable, patient dog people here who will share their training successes and failures with you.

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Exotica Forum [Go EXOTICA]
The Exotica Forum.

eXposures Forum [Go EXPOSURES]
The eXposures Forum.

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Family Forum
Learn about and discuss issues important to today's family such as pregnancy, day care, adolescent behavior, and divorce.

Florida Forum
Really useful information for visitors, residents, or potential residents on all topics related to the Sunshine State. Also, great information on Disneyworld!

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Games Site Forum
Want a new game to play? Make this your one-stop shop to retrieve everything from arcade to card games.

Gardening Forum
Get quick help on your lawn care or gardening questions and libraries full of information.

Gay & Bi Forum [Go GAYFORUM]
Meet and discuss relationships, sexuality, friendships, lifestyles, current news, and more in CompuServe's gay and bi online community.

Genealogy Forum
Are you related to Pocahontas? Let members and sysops help trace your family roots back in time.

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Health & Fitness Forum
Get in shape with discussion on exercise, nutrition, physical and mental health, and alternative health care.

Help Forums
See Classic CompuServe Help for Compuserve Classic issues
or CompuServe Help Community for CS2000 or Ourworld issues.

History Forum
Jump back in time and discuss the history of the world with the aid of downloadable essays, maps, and more.

Home Forum
Information and help for all aspects of home care, remodeling, repairs, projects, maintenance, woodworking and tools, decorating and home security.

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Internet Explorer Forum
Microsoft Internet Explorer Forum.

Internet Publishing Forum
Discuss Internet publishing, including Web page and site design standards, tools and techniques, marketing, and server operation.

Israel Forum
Learn more about Jewish topics and faith and discuss travel, education, history, and current events in Israel.

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Japan Forum
The Japan Forum is dedicated to developing a better understanding of Japan through experiences and sharing to find that which is a common bond between cultures.

Jewish Forum
Prepare for this week's Torah portion, find recipes for holiday food, and chat with other Jews.

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Language Forum
Discuss the nuances of various languages and seek assistance from those who understand multiple languages.
Laptop Forum
Everything you need to know about your laptop or notebook computer - by users for users.

Latin America Forum
The meeting place of the Latin American community at CompuServe. Make friends and discover the region in our boards and libraries.

Lifestyle Forum
Explore all aspects of daily living and your lifestyle, including travel and leisure, single life, married life, and healthy mind, spirit and body.

Linux Forum
The Linux Forum is a centralized area for all Linux users to collaborate and share information and experiences about what is taking place in the rapidly expanding Linux market segment.

Literary Forum
Discuss poetry, fiction, science fiction, comics, humor, and journalism with professional writers, literature readers, journalists, humorists, and those who love a good read.

Live Help Forum (CS2000)
See Compuserve Help Community.

London Forum
A friendly Forum where you can discuss the city's history, gossip about your favorite royalty or join in a game of friendly pub trivia.

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Mensa Forum
Participate in an online Mensa meeting from anywhere around the world. Here you'll find spirited and intelligent discussion on topics from intelligence measurement to gifted children to Mensa Gatherings and just about everything else under the sun.

Microsoft Developer Applications Forum
Community Support, updates, news and resources for Microsoft Development tools, applications and platforms

Microsoft Internet Explorer Forum
If you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your web browser, join us here to answer your most common problems and learn how to get IE up to speed.

Microsoft Office Support Forum
Expert advice, support and workshops for Microsoft's Office and Works Suite products, Web, Graphics and Collaboration Tools. A friendly atmosphere for beginners and wizards too.

Military Forum
Find information about benefits and on such topics as the MIA/POW issue, military hardware, the Civil War, veterans organizations, today's military, careers, and military news.

Missing Children Forum
A cooperative effort between CompuServe, the “Go Graphics” Group and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this Forum has one function: to help find missing children.

Money & Investing Forum
Your money, your investments your life -- get news highlights, business info and more -- practical advice on taxes, saving, spending, debt, investing, retirement and estate planning.

Motorcycle Forum
Get information regarding clubs/organizations, cruisers, touring, vintage bikes, road racing and motocross, as well as information from Ri

Mozilla/Netscape Forum
Discuss and get user-to-user help with Mozilla, Firebird, Netscape 7 and older legacy Netscape browsers.

Music Forum
From Beethoven to the Blues, here you'll find other music lovers, reviews, pictures, tour schedules, sound bites, multimedia, and more.

NAIC Forum
Learn better long-term investing skills and how to create an investing club from this nonprofit group.

Netherlands Forum
See NL Nederland Forum.

Netscape/Mozilla Forum
Discuss and get user-to-user help with Mozilla, Firebird, Netscape 7 and older legacy Netscape browsers.

New Age Living Forum
Learn about and discuss all aspects of New Age philosophy.

New Age Spirituality Forum
Discuss all aspects of New Age philosophy, including magic, angels and guides, yoga, and New Physics.

News Forum
Take a step beyond the headlines here with in-depth discussions, maps, and an international perspective.

NL Adult Chat Forum [Go NLADULT]
In the Dutch Adult Chat Forum you can talk about practically anything. You can join a formal conference or participate in a chat between two or more other members. Due to the nature of this Forum, the Forum is only available for adults.

NL Computer Forum
NL Computer Forum.

NL Dating Forum
NL Dating Forum. Due to the nature of this Forum, the Forum is only available for adults.

NL Fun Chat Forum
NL Fun Chat Forum.

NL Games Forum
NL Games Chat Forum.

NL Gay Chat Forum [Go NLGAY]
The Dutch Gay Chat Forum is the place to meet other gays and bisexuals in Holland and elsewhere in the world. Here you can meet new friends and exchange ideas with people who share your feelings and can really understand you.

NL Help Forum
NL Help Forum.

NL Help Forum - Classic
NL Help Forum - Classic.

NL Jongeren Forum
NL Jongeren Forum.

NL Life Forum
NL Life Forum.

NL Nederland Online Forum
NL Nederland Online Forum.

NL New Age Forum
NL New Age Forum.

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Office Support Forum
Microsoft Office Support Forum.

Our World help
See Compuserve Help Community.

Outdoors Forum
Sail, bike, run, hike to this electronic outdoors activity center for people interested in all aspects of outdoor activities.

OZWIN Support Forum [Go OZWIN]
Receive support for the OzWin communications packages for CompuServe.

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Pacific Forum
Learn more about the culture of Australia and New Zealand. Find great places to visit, help with your travel plans, and talk to the locals.

PC Hardware Forum
This is your place to read about and discuss computers, monitors, hard drives, CPUs, keyboards, and all the parts of a PC.

Photo Gallery Forum
The primary purpose of the Photo Gallery Forum is to provide a place where photo enthusiasts can share their creations with CompuServe members all over the world.

Photographer & Model Forum [Go PHOTOMODE]
Photographer & Model Forum.

Photography Forum
Professionals and amateurs exchange information about cameras and lenses, shooting techniques, darkroom tricks, digital imaging, and anything else that is photography related.

Political Debate Forum
Find discussions of all brands of politics, world issues, foreign policy, government projects, lawmaking, and elections.

Practice Forum
Learn everything there is to learn about the new forum software, and try it out, here in the Practice Forum.

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Religion Forum
Find interesting people from every religious belief and conviction.

Republican Forum
For those of you who lean to the right, the Republican Forum offers a little bit of everything. Come on in and discuss health care or the deficit, or post a message extolling the virtues of your favorite office-holder.

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Sailing Forum
Outdoors Forum.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Literature Forum
Since 1985, the SF Literature Forum has been YOUR place in cyberspace for files and discussion about all facets of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.

Science Fiction Media Forum
Since 1985, the SF Media FOrum has been YOUR place in cyberspace for files and discussion of Science Fiction in Movies & Television.

The Science and Math Forum
Learn more the latest developments in science, mathematics, and the world around us with other students, educators, and scientists.

ShowbizMedia Forum
Discover the glamorous and exciting world of motion pictures. The latest news, views and reviews. This is where industry insiders and fans alike gather to chat, speculate and gossip about all things Hollywood.

Soap Scene Forum
Exclusive interviews, "SOAP CHAT" celebrity conferences, your chance to "Ask The Stars", and comprehensive news and discussion are all part of your direct link to the Editors of Soaps In Depth magazine.

Software Support for Compuserve Classic software
See Classic Compuserve Support.

The Sports Forum
The place to be for information through conversation on professional, collegiate, and international sports.

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Get support for TapCIS, an offline reader for CompuServe.

Teen Scene Forum
See Youth Scene Forum.

Travel Forum
Discover destinations from all over the world and plan your next trip with members' tips, stories, and hints.

Trinity Delta Product Forum [Go TRINITY]
Trinity Delta Product Forum

TV Zone Forum
Dig the remote out of the couch and discuss any and all ideas encompassing the world of television via this forum's active message area, lively chats, and celebrity conferences.

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UFO Forum
Explore the strange worlds of lost and forbidden knowledge: alien visits, ghosts, cryptobiology, demonology, time-travel, and weird weather.

UK Adult Chat Forum [Go UKADULT]
UK Adult Chat Forum.

UK Chat Forum
UK Chat Forum.

UK Current Affairs Forum
UK Current Affairs Forum.

UK Entertainment Forum
UK Entertainment Forum.

UK Glamour Forum [Go UKGLAMOUR]
UK Glamour Forum.

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Vintage Computing Forum
Share tips, software, and add-ons with computer veterans who still love their old machines. DOS, DRDOS, Commodore Business Machines, Amiga, and more.

Virus Central Support Forum
Find help and resources to protect your computer from malicious and harmful virus programs.

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Weather Forum
Get all of your local, regional, and world-wide weather in one place.

Windows Entertainment Forum
This is the place to recharge from life's daily grind. We've got loads of entertainment waiting for you.

See Windows XP Pro, Server, 2000, and NT Support Forum.

Windows Shareware Forum
Find premier Windows shareware, freeware, utilities, and application downloads--and support for them.

Windows Support Forum
This is your one-stop shop for setting up and running Windows 2.x through Windows 98. Our experts will save you time and frustration.

Windows XP Pro, Server, 2000, and NT Support Forum
Get professional answers quickly to your technical questions, find the latest information on Service Pack updates and drivers, and much more.

Wine Forum
Discuss wine and winemaking, beer and homebrewing, coffee, tea, and even cigars.

Women's Forum
Talk with other women about relationships, career, health, style, beauty, creativity, and more. Make new friends!

World Issues Forum
Discuss the latest happenings in the Baltic Republics, the Old East Bloc, and the Middle East.

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Youth Scene Forum
Where teens and "tweenagers" gather to meet friends, chat with their peers, and discuss the hottest topics on the teen scene.

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