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Old January 20th, 2022, 04:08 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3225 TSAMBA Call for votes

Dear people
please find 12 definitions for TSAMBA. One is from a dictionary the
remainder are inventions. Please Vote for 2 of these offerings disposing
your votes as you will. Do not look up the word until after you have voted.
Vote deadline is midday GMT Saturday


1 [Africa] A plot of land usually about 0.5 acre/2,000 sq. m. in size; a
building lot.

2 N. A Xhosa word for a knife used in ceremonies in /iMpuma-Koloni/*(the
Eastern Cape), South Africa.

3 /[South African] /Whip originally made out of leather, now also made
out of plastic. Also known as sjambok.

4 Local name for the South African or Jackass penguin (Spheniscus demersus)..

5 The name of three closely related species of a formerly important
freshwater food fish of Malawi, /Oreochromis lidole,//O. karongae/*and
/O. squamipinnis,/that were overfished to the point of extinction in the

6 A basic Tibetan dish consisting of ground roasted barley made into a
paste with butter, tea, and other ingredients, and formed into balls

7 An organ stop of eight-foot pitch.

8 In East Africa: A bicycle or motorbike used as a taxi to transport
people or goods.

9 A home-brewed maize beer made in parts of Southern Africa.

10 A drum played with the hands.

11 A type of unleavened flatbread popular in Sri Lanka and parts of India.

12**************Raspberry tea.

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