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Old June 29th, 2019, 03:24 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 2994 Time to vote for VICARIANCE

Here are 12 definitions brought to you at great expense of wit and
wisdom by our esteemed panel of experts. Now your job is to decide which
is the definition that was submitted by a dictionary

Vote for TWO definitions, as a public forum or group message (in reply
to this one), before the deadline..

*9:00 pm on Monday, Jul 01 in the UK
*4:00 pm on******* East Coast USA
*1:00 pm on******* West Coast USA
5:30 am on** Jul 2 in parts of Oz

New Players are welcome, even if you didn't submit a definition you may


1. divorce

*2. an unwanted gift

*3. a* measure of tightness of fit

*4. blithe lack of concern; nonchalance

*5. sense of personal participation in an observed activity

*6. [Theol.]* any work by or about vicars or their travels q.v.

*7. flattery, obsequiousness, especially towards those in power

*8. the taking of pleasure from reports of other people's experiences

*9. a* psychological state in which one vividly feels as though one
were someone else

10. [Chem.] The act or process of substituting an atom or radical for
another atom or radical; metathesis

11. a measure, usually calculated by software, of the proportion of a
work, often an academic assignment, that appears to have been copied
from known sources

12. the existence of vicariant forms; the separation or subdivision of a
population by the appearance of a geographical barrier and subsequent


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