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Old November 21st, 2019, 04:58 AM
Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3029

Here we have 14 imaginative defs of the word PHALERATE, only one of which
comes from my dictionary. Please vote for your two favoutites by public
reply to this message before the deadline, which is:

21:00 UTC/GMT on Friday 22nd November
20:00 CET
4:00 PM EST
1:00 PM PST
10:00 NZDT on Saturday 23rd in New Zealand

New players are welcome - just don't look up the word until after you've

-- Tim L


1. in a male phase.

2. to exhale loudly.

3. to beat with a club.

4. ornamented, decorated.

5. _obs._ to titrate (Chem.)

6. to tint or lighten (as in shade)

7. branching out in a symmetrical way.

8. [Rare] to stick out one's tongue at someone.

9. bring outside the body for surgery, of organs.

10. the process of cladding one metal with another.

11. to use harshly critical or irate language; rail.

12. [Anat.] having digits with multiple articulated bones.

13. the measurement of tobacco leaf drying in controlled

14. having lobed feet as an aid to swimming [as birds in the
phalarope genus]

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