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Old April 17th, 2017, 08:48 AM
Mike Shefler
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2795 vote for HAGGADAY

Here are 14 definitions of HAGGADAY, one of which came from a reputable
Vote for your 2 favorites no later than 5 PM EDT, Tuesday, April 18.

1. a method of adding a tone to a printed image by imposing a
transparent sheet of dots or other patterns on the image at some
stage of a photographic reproduction process.

2. a shark of the genus _Lamna_, especially _L. nasus_, a large,
voracious species of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans.

3. a type of skeet-shooting target used primarily in South Africa.

4. any undesired or noxious weed.

5. in Scotland, a day in late December on which preparations are made
for Hogmanay celebrations on December 31.

6. a traditional Irish greeting on the day following St. Patrick's Day.

7. _Scots_ the day after _Hogmanay_ q.v., New Year's Day

8. _Interj._ an archaic or poetic expression of distress.

9. a short coat or doublet worn under armour.

10. a kind of door latch.

11. a time of deep mourning for families of a deceased person in
Victorian times, the number of days varying according to the degree
of relationship.

12. [slang] describing the small, daily devilments, mischief. and
complications that make life so challenging. Also noun for these.

13. the screaming of a colony of sea-birds disturbed at night.

14. the offspring of a hag. --Shak.

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