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Old April 9th, 2017, 06:58 PM
Daniel Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2793: NINETY-KNOT Results

Everyone lift your hurricane glass and offer a toast to Dave Cunningham, who earned 6 votes, and the deal, for his rum drink.

Mike Shefler‚Äôs trysail takes real winner honors with four votes plus two points for correctly guessing the knot-grass.¬* Tim Lodge gets honorable mention with five votes for his Naval slang.

John Barrs, our resident botanist, was intimately familiar with knot-grass, submitting a definition describing it and informing me, ‚ÄúKnot-grasses are related to buckwheat and docks etc and have a tetrahedron as a seed and a characteristic of the whole genus is "angled knees" ‚Äď hence the name knot-grass. some of them grow very fast ("Persian mile a minute vine" - fallopia balduschuanica - can grow up to 100ft in a season and is used in gardens to cover eyesores like sheds etc. It flowers profusely so is decorative) so one of these knot-grasses seems suitable for my def here.‚Ä̬*¬* As much as he knew about this particular species, he did not know that ‚Äúninety-knot‚ÄĚ was a real nickname for it and not just his grand idea for a fake def.¬* I combined his def with the real one, and he and I both got two votes.

1. a preliminary award to the Eagle Scout, given by the Boy Scouts of America, signifying significant progress toward that goal.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*No votes¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Shepherdson.

2. a high-quality Persian rug, based on the number of knots within a distance equal to the width of the weaver's fist.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Vote from:¬*¬*¬* Bourne¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Mallach, who scores natural 1.

3. An embroidery tool, used for stitching sequins on hard to reach areas¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*No votes¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Kornelis, who scores 0 + 2, total 2.

4. Speedboat rated at 100 miles per hour. [90 knots]¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Vote from:¬*¬*¬* Barrs¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Hale, who scores natural 1.

5. joc. a rum drink. See hurricane, 8.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Votes from:¬*¬* Abell, Barrs, Hale, Lodge, Shefler and Stevens¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Cunningham, who scores natural 6.

6. a storm trysail.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Votes from:¬*¬* Bourne, Madnick, Mallach and Naylor¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Shefler, who scores 4 + 2, total 6.

7. Expensive or luxurious.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Votes from:¬*¬* Lodge and Naylor¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Abell, who scores natural 2.

8. A plant, Polygonum aviculare. See knot-grass, 1.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Votes from:¬*¬* Kornelis and Shefler¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Real definition from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Barrs, who scores natural 2.

9. a synchronized swimming routine involving a team of 8 swimmers.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*No votes¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Stevens.

10. Naval sl. an officer who wins accelerated promotion by favour or influence.¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Votes from:¬*¬* Abell, Cunningham, Hale, Madnick and Mallach¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Lodge, who scores natural 5.

11. A brittle toffee with a chocolate coating, sold in lumps (orig. a brand name of confectionery supplied to the navy).¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Votes from:¬*¬* Cunningham, Kornelis and Stevens¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Naylor, who scores natural 3.

12. any one of the best knots from the three primary knot categories: Loop Knots (make a loop in the rope), Bends (rope to rope knots) and Hitches (rope to object knots).¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*No votes¬*¬*

¬*¬*¬*¬*Submitted by: Madnick.

¬*¬*¬* Player¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* Def Voted for Votes Guess DP Total

¬*¬*¬*¬*------¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* --- --------- ----- ----- -- -----

¬*¬*¬*¬*Cunningham¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 5¬*¬* 10 & 11¬*¬*¬*¬* 6¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 6

¬*¬*¬*¬*Shefler¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 6¬*¬* 5 & *8*¬*¬*¬*¬* 4¬*¬*¬*¬* 2¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 6

¬*¬*¬*¬*Lodge¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 10¬*¬*¬*¬* 5 & 7 ¬*¬*¬*¬*5¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 5

¬*¬*¬*¬*Naylor¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 11¬*¬*¬*¬* 6 & 7¬*¬*¬*¬* 3¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 3

¬*¬*¬*¬*Abell¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 7¬*¬*¬* 5 & 10¬*¬*¬*¬* 2¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 2

¬*¬*¬*¬*Barrs¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 8¬*¬*¬*¬* 4 & 5¬*¬*¬*¬* 2¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 2

¬*¬*¬*¬*Kornelis¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 3¬* *8* & 11¬*¬*¬*¬* 0¬*¬*¬*¬* 2¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 2

¬*¬*¬*¬*Hale¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* ¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*4¬*¬*¬* 5 & 10¬*¬*¬*¬* 1¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 1

¬*¬*¬*¬*Mallach¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 2¬*¬*¬* 6 & 10¬*¬*¬*¬* 1¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 1

¬*¬*¬*¬*Shepherdson¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 1¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* N/V¬*¬*¬*¬* 0¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 0

¬*¬*¬*¬*Bourne¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 2 & 6¬*¬*¬*¬* 0¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 0

¬*¬*¬*¬*Madnick¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 12¬*¬*¬* 6 & 10¬*¬*¬*¬* 0¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* ¬*¬*0

¬*¬*¬*¬*Stevens¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 9¬*¬*¬* 5 & 11¬*¬*¬*¬* 0¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* 0

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