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Old January 9th, 2020, 07:03 AM
Christopher Carson
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3040 - VINASSE Results

Well, as usual Cory refused to cooperate with Outlook 2019 so your beleaguered Dealah had to score manually. Hopefully he has correctly accounted for all the votes and added them up error free. That's a long shot but until I've gotten around to satisfactorily designing a scoring spreadsheet it will have to do.

Voting on round 3040 produced a tie between Judy Madnick and Efrem Mallach, whose definitions polled a natural 6. Efrem leads in the rolling scores (5 round total) by one measly point and so gets to deal again. Judy can heave a sigh of relief and rest in the "Real Winner" position.

In the coveted second place with 5 points is Debbie Embler.

The true definition was 3: "The residue left in a still after the process of distillation." (AHD 5), which no-one guessed, giving your Dealah a D0.

1. A shoe or boot with an elongated pointed toe,
fashionable in the 16th century. Votes from: Embler, Lodge, McGill, and Shepherdson
Submitted by: Naylor, who scores natural 4.
2. A glass-like ceramic material. No votes
Submitted by: Abell.
3. The residue left in a still after the process of
distillation. No votes Real definition from AHD 5
4. Grape juice before or during fermentation. No votes
Submitted by: Widdis.
5. A sturdy, textured, usually cotton fabric having a
puckered or quilted appearance, often used in bedding and
upholstery. Votes from: Bourne, Cunningham, Dixon, Mallach, Naylor, and Widdis
Submitted by: Madnick, who scores natural 6.!!
6. A small saucer used by wine tasters (see also _tastevin_). No votes
Submitted by: Cunningham.
7. [Pharm.] A drug that reverses the steroidal action of
viagra type products, can be used as a male contraceptive,
and is undergoing suitability testing. No votes
Submitted by: Barrs (DQ).
8. (Fr.) The bloom or white dust-like substance on grapes
which prevents moisture loss and is harmless to eat. Votes from: Abell, Mallach, and McGill
Submitted by: Shepherdson, who scores natural 3.
9. A small glass used for wine tasting. Votes from Shepherdson
Submitted by: Bourne, who scores a natural 1
10. A coarse homespun cotton cloth from India. Votes from: Bourne, Cunningham, Lodge, Madnick, Naylor and Shefler
Submitted by: Mallach, who scores natural 6.!!
11. Any drug or agent for reducing fever. No votes
Submitted by: Lodge.
12. The production of very fine silk and saris, brocades of
gold and silver thread work, which are used for weddings
and special occasions. Votes from: Abell, Dixon, Madnick, Shefler, and Widdis
Submitted by: Embler, who scores natural 5.
13. A pseudo-religious ritual or custom based on denial;
asceticism. Vote from: Embler
Submitted by: Dixon, who scores natural 1.

Player Def Voted for Votes Guess DP Total
------ --- --------- ----- ----- -- -----
Embler 12 1 & 13 5 5
Madnick 5 10 & 12 6 6
Naylor 1 5 & 10 4 4
Shepherdson 8 1 & 9 3 3
Dixon 13 5 & 12 1 1
Lodge 11 1 & 10 0 0
Bourne 9 5 & 10 1 1
Barrs 7 DQ 0 0
Cunningham 6 5 & 10 0 0
Widdis 4 5 & 12 0 0
Mallach 10 5 & 8 6 6
Abell 2 8 & 12 0 0
McGill - 1 & 8 - -
Shefler - 10 & 12 - -

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