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Old January 5th, 2020, 08:36 AM
'Efrem G Mallach' via Dixonary
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3039 IRACUND results

Fellow players,

Iracund, according to Merriam-Webster's public domain 1913 edition, means "irascible, choleric." Ryan McGill's submission of "prone to anger" was virtually synonymous with that, so I combined them. Because both were short and do not repeat the other's words, the combined definition (#8 in the list) is simply both of them strung together. Three people voted for it. Nobody declared as DQ.

Chris Carson, who lost to Ryan in a rolling-score tie-breaker in my previous deal (Round 3036, "nombril") took no chances this time. His "full in sound, sonourous" earned a natural 6, far ahead of any competitors. Five other players and the dictionary tied for second place with three points.

Full results:

1. shy or modest. From Madnick, J. who voted 2, 6. Voted for by: Lodge, T.; Embler, D.; Shepherdson, N. Score: 3.

2. orderly, tidy. From Naylor, S. who voted *8*, 12. Voted for by: Madnick, J. Score: 3.

3. productive [of a mine]. From Bourne, T. who voted 6, 11. Voted for by: Shefler, M.; Dixon, S. Score: 2.

4. [Bot.] having no roots. From Lodge, T. who voted 1, 10. Voted for by: Shefler, M. Score: 1.

5. shaped like a curlicue. From Abell, T. who voted 6, 7. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

6. full in sound; sonorous. From Carson, C. who did not vote. Voted for by: Madnick, J.; Bourne, T.; Abell, T.; Barrs, J.; Dixon, S.; Shepherdson, N. Score: 6.

7. [Obs.] of or related to goiters. From Cunningham, D. who voted *8*, 13. Voted for by: Abell, T. Score: 3.

8. Irascible, choleric, prone to anger. Combined from 14 and 15. Voted for by: Naylor, S.; Cunningham, D.; Barrs, J. Score: 3.

9. holding in the sense of controlling one's temper [Lat. 'ira' wrath, anger] From Barrs, J. who voted 6, *8*. Voted for by: Widdis, D. Score: 3.

10. of or pertaining to a conclusion arrived at by intuition as opposed to reason. From Shefler, M. who voted 3, 4. Voted for by: Lodge, T.; Widdis, D..; Embler, D. Score: 3.

11. in monocot plants [rice, wheat, maize] a variant that produces more than one endosperm. From Dixon, S. who voted 3, 6. Voted for by: Bourne, T. Score: 1.

12. a period of time in some countries during the early spring when there are not many fresh fruits and vegetables available. From Widdis, D. who voted 9, 10. Voted for by: Naylor, S. Score: 1.

13. Hailing from Madagascar is the Lowland Streaked Iracund (Hemicentetes semispinosus), which has striking yellow and black fur with sparsely scattered quills. Found in lowland rain forest, the elusive iracund measures less than 20 cm in length and has an extended snout ideal for its insectivorous diet. It uses its quills to communicate in two different ways, by raising them in agitation or by rubbing them together in a method known as stridulation – best known as the type of noise produced by crickets and cicadas. The sound produced is too high to be perceived by human ears. From Embler, D. who voted 1, 10. Voted for by: Cunningham, D. Score: 1.

14. (did not appear separately in voting list) prone to anger. From McGill, R. who did not vote. Voted for (as #8) by: Naylor, S.; Cunningham, D.; Barrs, J. Score: 3.

15. (did not appear separately in voting list) irascible, choleric. From M-W dictionary which could not vote. Voted for (as #8) by: Naylor, S.; Cunningham, D.; Barrs, J. Score: D3.

No definition from Shepherdson, N. who voted 1, 6. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 0.

For those who prefer tables results follow in that form, for human players only, in descending order of scores without regard for tie-breaking rules.

Over to you, Chris!


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