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Old August 5th, 2019, 06:38 PM
Daniel B. Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] [OT] Group Email Settings -- please vote

Originally, I changed the email settings as a test, with the idea that I'd
gather feedback later. Of course, then I got distracted and feedback was
sparse. But it seemed most were at least content with the change and
while I know it's hard to learn new things, I figured it'd be relearned
soon enough, and that the impact of accidental private votes was a far less
severe problem than the impact of public definitions (Dixons) or occasional
public DQs revealing the def.

Of course, the confusion of this last round (and the difficulty with Cory,
of which I am a fellow user) has highlighted that perhaps having things
public by default is a preferred option. Plus, Judy probably has a surplus
of crowns in her closet and would really like to get rid of them, so
perhaps the Dixon behavior isn't that bad after all?

So can we put this to a vote? Where do we want replies sent? Please reply
with one of the below two options, or optionally abstain or indicate you're
happy with what the plurality of voters say.

*Option 1: "To the group". *

This was the previous setting that we've had for years, where both "reply"
and "reply all" will be forced to the group email address.

We've been playing that way for years and are used to it
Votes are public by default
Easier for others to doublecheck dealer score errors
Email format that Coryphaeus expects
Matches the behavior of "public discussion" mailing lists
Matches original TAPCIS forum behavior where replies were public by default
and users had to take specific action to send private email

Increases the chance of a Dixon or public DQ
The group takes away choice from both the sender and recipient of emails on
configuring replies
Different reply-to behavior than normal email

*Option 2: "Users decide where their replies are sent".*

This is the current setting, where "Reply" goes to the author and "Reply
All" goes to both the author and the recipient(s), in this case the group.

Behaves like most email and email lists that aren't "public discussion"
Gives the dealer a choice of configuring replies (The dealer could
(optionally) set the reply to the group to prevent private votes)
Gives recipients a choice of replies (public "NAD" private defs by default)
Reduces the chance of Dixons or public DQs

Not what we're used to
Increases the chance of private votes and subsequent scoring confusion
Not compatible with Coryphaeus

Your votes?
*Option 1: "To the group". *
*Option 2: "Users decide where their replies are sent".*
*Option 3: "It's just a game, the only votes I want to cast are for fake

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