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Old June 25th, 2021, 09:20 AM
'Mike Shefler' via Dixonary
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3177 vote for postrman's knock

A shorter list than usual, but no less creative. Here are 11 definitions of
POSTMAN'S KNOCK, one of which came from a respectable dictionary. Vote for
two favorites no later than 10 EM EDT, Sunday, June 27.

1. [Cockney rhym. slang] a mouse. (After the nursery rhyme "Hickory
Dickory Dock.")

2. a deadline.

3. a method of sliding on ice; the slider moving on one foot, and
tapping the ice with the other.

4. colloquial reference to the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 which made
it illegal to erect a washing line across a yard that obstructed
delivery of mail within the city.

5. _Genu valgum_, commonly called "knock-knee," a condition in which the
knees angle in and touch each other when the legs are straightened
and often seen in those who are on their feet for extended periods of
time (e.g., a postman).

6. a psychological illness defined by extreme anxiety about the future.

7. to make an indentation in the edge of a metal plate, as along a seam
in a steam boiler or an iron ship, to force the edge of the upper
plate hard against the lower and so fill the crevice.

8. [Sl.] gonorrhea.

9. a lightship marking the northern end of the treacherous Goodwin Sands
off the coast of Kent, United Kingdom.

10. [rare] two short, sharp raps given with the proximal interphalangeal
knuckles of the third and fourth digits; [slang] a modern battering
ram or similar device used in door breaching.

11. [Brit.] the action or practice of car stealing, esp. for the purpose
of joy-riding [rhyming slang for TWOC, taking without owner's

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