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Old June 28th, 2020, 03:00 AM
Ryan McGill
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Default [Dixonary] 3083 GYSCUTUS results

Hi all!

Here are your results for round 3083 for the word GYASCUTUS, which
describes a rather recent mythological creature with alleged roots in New
England circa 1840. The gyascutus is notable for having one set of front &
rear legs longer than the other, such that certain members of the species
could only walk up or down a hill clockwise and others only
counter-clockwise. I scored a D2;Johnny Barrs was DQ.

Da Winnah is Tim Bourne, who received an natural 4 for a skin condition.
"Real" winner honors go to Efrem Mallach, who also received a natural 4,
but for a thick plate. In order to resolve the tie, I had to refer to their
cumulative scores, which is a first for me.

Now, for our tabulation:

1. Difficult to handle. — defined by Carson, who voted for 11 & 12, scoring
a natural 1.
Vote from Embler.

2. A dry scale that forms on corn and maize stalks, caused by the fungus
Bipolaris maydis. — defined by Shefler, who voted for 9 & 12, scoring a
natural 1.
Vote from Shepherdson.

3. An extinct hominin known from fossil remains discovered in Java in 1891
thought to represent a species evolutionarily intermediate between humans
and nonhuman apes. — defined by Madnick, who voted for 10 & 11, scoring a
natural 0.
No votes.

4. A genus of wood boring beetles whose larvae make spiral tunnels inside
tree trunks. — defined by Barrs, who was DQ, scoring a natural 1.
Vote from Lodge.

5. An illustrative, circular diagram. — defined by Embler, who voted for 1
& 14, scoring a natural 1.
Vote from Widdis.

6. An imaginary large four-legged beast with legs on one side longer than
on the other for walking on hillsides. — defined by Merriam-Webster, which
cannot vote, scoring a D2.
Votes from Naylor & Widdis.

7. An ox of southeast Asia (Gyas cutalis) sometimes considered a
domesticated breed of the gaur. — defined by Widdis, who voted for 5 & 6,
scoring an aberrant 2.
No votes.

8. A rock formation consisting primarily of the fossilized remains of sea
creatures. — defined by Shepherdson, who voted for 2 & 9, scoring a natural
No votes.

9. The shell of a turtle. — defined by Lodge, who voted for 4 & 12, scoring
a natural 2.
Votes from Shefler & Shepherdson.

10. A skin condition characterized by premature ageing, especially in the
form of unusually fragile skin on the hands and feet. — defined by Naylor,
who voted for 6 & 11, scoring an aberrant 3.
Vote from Madnick.

11. A skin condition, usually of the lower leg, caused by dryness. —
defined by Bourne, who voted for 12 & 13, scoring a natural 4.
Votes from Carson; Madnick; Mallach, E.; & Naylor.

12. A thickened horny or bony plate on a turtle's shell or on the back of a
crocodile, etc. — defined by Mallach, E., who voted for 11 & 14, scoring a
natural 4.
Votes from Bourne, Carson, Lodge, & Shefler.

13. A water beetle of the suborder Adephaga, family dytiscidae, found in
shallow waters off the coast of Southeast Asia (full name, Dytiscus
Gyascutus). — defined by Mallach, A., who did not vote, scoring a natural 1.
Vote from Bourne.

14. [Latin] A weightbearing structure built to support an aqueduct. —
defined by Kornelis, who did not vote, scoring a natural 2.
Votes from Embler & Mallach, E.

Take it Away, Tim!

- Rx.

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