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Old June 26th, 2020, 02:01 AM
Ryan McGill
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Default [Dixonary] 3083 GYASCUTUS vote

Hey, everyone!

Validating my wait, we have fourteen definitions for GYASCUTUS, which have
been mildly edited for consistency in formatting and then sorted in
alphabetical order. Despite many similarities, I have not combined any, as
the echoes between definitions delighted me. Any errors remaining are
surely artifacts of my intervention.

One of these definitions was verified by a dictionary source. The remainder
were clever deceptions dreamed up by your fellow players. Please vote for
two by public reply to this message.

1. Difficult to handle.
2. A dry scale that forms on corn and maize stalks, caused by the fungus
Bipolaris maydis.
3. An extinct hominin known from fossil remains discovered in Java in 1891
thought to represent a species evolutionarily intermediate between humans
and nonhuman apes.
4. A genus of wood boring beetles whose larvae make spiral tunnels inside
tree trunks.
5. An illustrative, circular diagram.
6. An imaginary large four-legged beast with legs on one side longer than
on the other for walking on hillsides.
7. An ox of southeast Asia (Gyas cutalis) sometimes considered a
domesticated breed of the gaur.
8. A rock formation consisting primarily of the fossilized remains of sea
9. The shell of a turtle.
10. A skin condition characterized by premature ageing, especially in the
form of unusually fragile skin on the hands and feet.
11. A skin condition, usually of the lower leg, caused by dryness.
12. A thickened horny or bony plate on a turtle's shell or on the back of a
crocodile, etc.
13. A water beetle of the suborder Adephaga, family Dytiscidae, found in
shallow waters off the coast of Southeast Asia (full name, Dytiscus
14. [Latin] A weightbearing structure built to support an aqueduct.

I have checked my SPAM folder, and the only messages I received were
offers to augment my income, urgent demands to reply and unsubscribe, and
an incredibly aggressive and persistent sales pitch for shoes and handbags,
so I'm relatively certain none of them came from anyone on this forum
(aside from the bots). If I still somehow missed your definition, please
let me know. Also, if you're trying to sell me handbags, please, just make
an OT post with a link to your Etsy store.

Those new to the game may vote, as may veteran players and those who did
not submit a definition. But do please vote before looking the word

Deadline for voting shall be 07:00 UTC on Sunday, the 28th of June, 2020,
provided that gives enough leeway. You can verify against your local time

I've looked this over a few times, and I think the times and dates are
consistent. If not, please default to the deadline as in the link, as
that's what I'll be referring to.


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