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Old November 9th, 2019, 09:47 AM
Christopher Carson
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3026 - PADUASOY - The Results

My apologies for the late results posting. Last round I resolved to set up an Excel sheet to score the deal and unfortunately I procrastinated right past the deal falling to me again. Therefore, I had to do a manual scoring job. Any mistakes are clearly the dealers fault, mea culpa.

The winner of Round 3026 was the American Heritage Dictionary, who unfortunately cannot deal. Therefore, Tim Cunningham wins the deal with his unnatural 4. The runners up who each scored 3; Bourne, Embler, Mallach, and Naylor can heave a sigh of relief and enjoy their weekend..

The true definition was 8: "A rich heavy silk fabric with a corded effect." (AHD 5), which 5 perceptive players guessed.

1. A nut substitute made from a soybean soaked in water,
drained, and then baked or roasted. No votes
Submitted by: Madnick, who scores 0 + 2, total 2.
2. A nest box [poss. from Fr. oiseau]. Votes from: Abell, Shefler and Widdis
Submitted by: Bourne, who scores natural 3.
3. A variant of Baroque music q.v. Votes from: Abell and Embler
Submitted by: Cunningham, who scores 2 + 2, total 4.
4. (Arch.) The bell or vase of the Corinthian capital.
[Improperly so used] Vote from: Cunningham
Submitted by: Widdis, who scores natural 1.
5. A Kentucky marinade of moonshine and savory spices. Vote From: McGill
Submitted by: Embler. Who scores 1+2, total 3.
6. A Peruvian dish of stewed guinea pig. Votes from: Naylor and Widdis
Submitted by: Lodge, Who scores a natural 2
7. A kind of scummy particulate found in brackish pools;
notable components usually include rust and pollen. Vote from: Shefler
Submitted by: McGill, who scores natural 1.
8. A rich heavy silk fabric with a corded effect. Votes from: Cunningham, Embler, Madnick, Mallach, and Naylor
Real definition from AHD 5 which scores a 5
9. The right of the lord of a manor to try anyone accused
of theft within his domain. Vote from McGill
Submitted by: Efrem, who scores 1+2, total 3
10. A light leather saddle used by the Spaniards in the
American southwest. Votes from: Bourne and Madnick
Submitted by: Shefler, who scores natural 2.
11. Etching, inscription; [Etruscan atu'azui = "tablet writing"] -- Votes from: Bourne and Naylor
Submitted by: Dixon, who scores natural 2.
12. A Spanish woodwind instrument with a curved mouthpiece. Vote from: Mallach
Submitted by: Naylor, who scores 1+2, total 3

Player Def Voted for Votes Guess DP Total
------ --- --------- ----- ----- -- -----
Bourne 2 10 & 11 3 3
Dixon 11 N/V 2 2
Shefler 10 2 & 7 2 2
Cunningham 3 4 & *8* 2 2 4
Madnick 1 *8* & 10 0 2 2
Widdis 4 2 & 6 1 1
McGill 7 5 & 9 1 1
Naylor 12 6 & *8* 1 2 3
Efrem 9 *8* & 12 1 2 3
Embler 5 3 & *8* 1 2 3

Christopher L. Carson
65 Longview Drive
Green Brook, NJ 08812
Phone: (732) 424-8064
Cell: (732) 216-5260

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