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Old September 30th, 2019, 08:31 PM
Tony Abell
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3017 - PIXETY Defs Up

The extra time netted a few more entries.

Find below 13 definitions of pexity, one of which comes from a dictionary. The
remainder come from the fertile imaginations of the players.

Vote for two by way of a public response to this message before the deadline.
You may vote even if you did not submit a definition, but you may NOT vote if you
are disqualified (see the rules at http://www.dixonary.net). The voting deadline
shall be:

Wednesday, 07:00pm EDT (New York) 02-Oct-2019
Wednesday, 04:00pm PDT (San Francisco) 02-Oct-2019
Thursday, 12:00am BST (London) 03-Oct-2019
Thursday, 01:00am CEST (Brussels) 03-Oct-2019
Thursday, 09:00am AEST (Melbourne) 03-Oct-2019
Wednesday 2019-10-02 2300Z


1. The opposite of dexterity.

2. Smug stupidity; utter foolishness.

3. An atmosphere of social harmony.

4. [Meteorology] A measure of the density or opaqueness of clouds or fog.

5. A sect, quantity, or subset of a group that has been removed or cast out
but still retains the main identifying characteristics of the original

6. [Math]. The degree of “foldedness” of any geometrical shape in various
non-Euclidean geometries. (Riemann ca. 1855)

7. A measure of the range of colors (gamut) that a printing method or display
device can reproduce.

8. An obsessive interest in body building.

9. Timid; shy.

10. A slight indulgence or latitude; a small allowance.

11. That which is empty and formless.

12. Roughness of the nap of cloth.

13. A disease, common in bodybuilders, caused by an excessive consumption of

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