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Old July 16th, 2006, 08:27 AM
Paul Keating
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Default [Dixonary] Back-to-Back Deals

Nancy came very close to playing 3 back-to-back deals this round
(1720/2/5), and it piqued my curiosity. I wanted to find out how close
other players have come to doing it. So I did some investigation.

Of the players currently active, Tim Lodge, Toni Savage and Dan Widdis
have all dealt 3 rounds back-to-back, besides Dave Cunningham, of
course, who became D-in-P when he did it back in round 511/3/5. Nobody
has succeeded in doing it more than once. Toni very nearly made it to
4 in a row: 1680/2/4/7, and (besides Nancy) four other current players
have scored near misses for 3 in a row. (By near-miss I mean that one
pair of deals in the run were 3 rounds apart rather than 2).

Dealing two rounds in a row is rather less hard. There are 30 names on
the list (a dozen of them current players). And Scott Crom, Dodi
Schultz and Mike Shefler have all managed to do this no less than 6
times each.

You can find the full results of what I found out in the Files
section, in History and Statistics\Back-to-Back Deals.

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