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Old March 29th, 2021, 05:09 AM
Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3154 PLUNKET Defs - Vote Now!

Here we have 12 imaginative defs of the word PLUNKET, only one of which
comes from my dictionary. Please vote for your two favourites by public
reply to this message before the deadline, which is:

20:00 UTC/GMT on Tuesday 30th March
21:00 BST in London
22:00 CET in France and the Netherlands
4:00 PM EST in New York
1:00 PM PST in California
09:00 NZDT on Wednesday 31st in New Zealand

New players are welcome - just don't look up the word until after you've

-- Tim L

*** PLUNKET ***

1. a child's comfort blanket.
2. the weight on a fishing line
3. an unpromising, silly, or useless person.
4. a variety of brine-cured Canadian cheese.
5. [Obs.] a sparkling white wine [< F _*blanquette*_]
6. [Thieves Cant] a false coin or slug ( Fr. _*planchet*_]
7. (Naut.) a tackle composed of two single blocks and a fall.
8. a light greyish-blue colour; a dye of this colour. *_Obsolete*._
9. a traditional children's dessert, probably similar to the "curds
and whey" of the old nursery rhyme.
10. A heavily embroidered double-breasted waistcoat, popularised by the
Regency era dandy Lord Plunket.
11. (Western U.S. slang) a particularly large gambling bet; poss. der.
from the sound of a large gold coin or nugget hitting the table.
12. A distance equal to exactly 5 feet 9-1/2 inches, created in 1959
when Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity members at Harvard decided to use pledge
Thomas Plunket as a unit of measurement in response to MIT's creation of
the "smoot" the previous year, which used the height of Oliver Smoot (class
of 1962) to measure the length of a bridge.

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