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Old May 17th, 2019, 05:19 AM
Ryan McGill
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Default [Dixonary] 2983 SALUTOGENESIS results

Greetings all,

Here are your scores. Da Winnah this round is our own Godfather of DQs,
Johnny Barrs with a natural 5. The real winner is Christopher Carson, who
managed to escape with a natural 4 by cornering the Ma- and She- votes and
by having a really nice rolling score.

Breakdown follows.

1. Animal reproduction irrespective of season, but dependent on the parents
being in peak physical heath.
by Lodge; who received no votes for no points and voted for 2 & 10; for an
unnatural 2.

2. An approach to human health that examines the factors contributing to
the promotion and maintenance of physical and mental well-being rather than
disease with particular emphasis on the coping mechanisms of individuals
which help preserve health despite stressful conditions
by Merriam-Webster; which was voted for by Lodge and which can't vote
because it's a dictionary; for a D1.

3. Birth from a male, as of Minerva from Jupiter.
by Cunningham; who received votes from Naylor and Shepherdson and voted 8 &
9; for a natural 2.

4. The designing of a freshwater from seawater process.
by Naylor; who received votes from Embler and Madnick and voted 3 & 5; for
a natural 2.

5. The evolutionary process by which sexual dimorphism appears.
by Mallach; who received votes from Bourne and Naylor and voted 10 & 13;
for a natural 2.

6. The first occurrence of liability or criminal behavior alleged in a
court case.
by Shepherdson; who received no votes and voted 3 & 13; for no points.

7. A function of N arguments that is considered as a function of one
argument which returns another function of N-1 arguments.
by Widdis; who received no votes and voted 10 & 14; for no points.

8. [zool.] In some animal species, particularly primates, a greeting by the
father to a new baby that appears to be significant in the treatment of the
baby by other members of the group.
by Bourne; who received a vote from Cunningham and voted 5 & 9; for a
natural 1.

9. In some versions of creation science, the method by which new species
by Shefler; who received votes from Bourne, Carson, Cunningham, and Stevens
and voted 11 & 13; for a natural 4.

10. [obs.] The mystical process once believed to produce pearls in oysters.
by Barrs; who received votes from Carson, Embler, Lodge, Mallach, and
Widdis and was DQ; for a natural 5.

11. The order in which minerals occurring together in rocks and veins have
by Madnick; who received a vote from Shefler and voted 4 & 13; for a
natural 1.

12. The practice of of displaying and saluting the flag on certain
by Stevens; who received no votes and voted 9 & 14; for no points.

13. The process of chemical and physical change in deposited sediment
during its conversion to rock.
by Carson; who received votes from Madnick, Mallach, Shefler, and
Shepherdson and voted 9 & 10; for a natural 4.

14. The surgery that corrects being tongue-tied.
by Embler; who received votes from Stevens and Widdis and voted 4 & 10; for
a natural 2.

And next time, I'll try to schedule the deadline at a time when my partner
doesn't need the computer for a final. Yeesh. What a bloody week.

Enjoy, everyone!


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