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Old May 7th, 2019, 01:40 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2981 results

Hi all

I'm ending the voting early for our word NORMCORE as everyone who sent a
def has voted (and a few more besides). Our winner, with 5 natural points,
is Mike S. Nancy S and Efrem M gained 4 points, but Nancy is in coveted
second place because hers are of the natural variety.

Take it away Mike!

1. A style of dressing that involves the deliberate choice of
unremarkable or unfashionable casual clothes.
Oxford Dictionaries D4
Votes from Tim B, Efrem M, Guerri S & Tim L.

2. [stat.] The set of all points in a finite distribution that fall
within one standard deviation of its mean.
Efrem M, who voted *1 & 9. Score: 4
Votes from Nancy S & Judy M.

3. A form of popular music in which the lyrics cover mundane subjects
and are delivered in a monotonous drone.
Tim L, who voted *1 & 6. Score: 2

4. The basis from which the geothermal gradient is calculated.
Debbie E, who voted 9 & 10. Score: 1
Vote from Tim B.

5. Sunken panel or coffer in a ceiling
Judy M, who voted 2 & 7. Score: 2
Votes from Dan W & Mike S.

6. [N.Z.] A potato and tuna sandwich.
Dave C, who voted 9 & 10. Score: 2
Votes from Dan W & Tim L.

7. [Stat] A point on a normal distribution within half a standard
deviation of the mean.
Johnny B, who was DQ. Score: 2
Votes from Nancy S & Judy M.

8. In a workplace operating flexible working hours, the basic hours
that all staff are expected to work unless otherwise agreed.
Tim B, who voted *1 & 4. Score: 2

9. Grey stucco applied to a building.
Mike Shefler, who voted 5 & 10. Score: 5
Votes from Tony A, Debbie E, Efrem M, Dave C & Guerri S.

10. Primary manufactured plastic used is a raw material; usu. supplied in
pellet form.
Nancy S, who voted 2 & 7. Score: 4
Votes from Tony A, Mike S, Debbie E & Dave C.

No def:

Tony A, who voted 9 & 10. Score: 0

Dan W, who voted 5 & 6. Score: 0

Guerri S, who voted *1 & 9. Score: 2

Ryan M, DQ.

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