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Old April 30th, 2019, 04:11 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 2979 TURBA Results

This was a round with unfortunate timing for which I apologize. I did
not notice when I announced the word that my non-digital watch had
somehow gained 24 hours so...Anyway:

I also played a word which was very close to TURB which Dave C played
quite recently and it was only afterwards that I checked out alternative
meanings for my word which alternative meanings were those of the simple
word TURB - a crowd or a collection of loose stones such as are found at
the bottom of a slope - so #3, #7 and #8 were possible correct answers.
However, the real answer (with the A on the end) the musical religious
term #1 which garnered me a D2

Judy Madnick and Nancy Shepherdson each scored┬* 4 points and as Judy is
ahead on the rolling scores she is our next dealer The real winner is
therefore Nancy on 4 with Dave Cunningham, Shani Naylor and Chris Carson
with 3 points each

Over to you Judy


┬*1. [Music] a name given to the chorus in Passion plays and other
religious oratorios in which crowds play a part in the narrative [from
_turb_ a crowd or heap; specifically the Jewish crowds in the passion
Voted for by CunninghamD, NaylorS [From OED Online 2019 = D2

┬*2. a spore print or spore deposit on the cap of a mushroom from
mushrooms growing above it; often helpful in identifying mushroom
Voted for by MallachE, MadnickJ, StevensG, SheflerM [From Nancy
Shepherdson who did not vote ] and scores [4 + 0] = 4

┬*3. a stack of towels...
Voted for by WiddisD, AbellT [From Debbie Embler who voted for 8 and 9]
and scores [2 + 0] = 2

┬*4. a small, rugged plant with heart-shaped leaves. While its bark and
shoots are edible, the leaves and fruit emit an oil which is toxic,
causing vomiting and lethargy up to and including death in humans and
many domesticated mammals
Voted for by StevensG, SheflerM [From Ryan McGill who voted for 7 and
14] and scores [2 + 0] = 2

┬*5. a stew made with chunks of sausage...
Voted for by AbellT [From Tim Bourne who voted for 8 and 11] and scores
[1 + 0] = 1

┬*6. a soldier positioned in front of a unit in drill to demonstrate
correct movements...
Voted for by nobody [From Efrem Mallach who voted for 2 and 11] and
scores [0 + 0] = 0

┬*7. [sl] a mob or crowd...
Voted for by McGillR [From Dave Cunningham who voted for 1* and 8] and
scores [1 + 2] = 3*

┬*8. rock detritus or debris at the base of a slope...
Voted for by EmblerD, BourneT, CunninghamD, NaylorS [From Judy Madnick
who voted for 2 and 11] and scores [4 + 0] = 4

┬*9. a slow dance of Cuban origin...
Voted for by EmblerD [From Guerri Stevens who voted for 2 and 4] and
scores [1 + 0] = 1

10. a farm implement used for aeration and weed control and conservation
of moisture...
Voted for by nobody [From Dan Widdis who voted for 3 and 13] and scores
[0 + 0] = 0

11. the fleshy, spore-bearing inner mass of a puffball...
Voted for by BourneT, MallachE, MadnickJ [From Chris Carson who did not
vote ] and scores [3 + 0] = 3

12. the eye of a tornado...
Voted for by nobody [From Mike Shefler who voted for 2 and 4] and scores
[0 + 0] = 0

13. an engineered waterfall with multiple levels...
Voted for by WiddisD [From Tony Abell who voted for 3 and 5] and scores
[1 + 0] = 1

14. a Polish goat dish...
Voted for by McGillR [From Shani Naylor who voted for 1* and 8] and
scores [1 + 2] = 3*

OED Online 2019┬*┬*┬*┬* D2
Nancy Shepherdson┬*┬* 4
Debbie Embler┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 2
Ryan McGill┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 2
Tim Bourne┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 1
Efrem Mallach┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 0
Dave Cunningham┬*┬*┬*┬* 3*
Judy Madnick┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 4
Guerri Stevens┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 1
Dan Widdis┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 0
Chris Carson┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 3
Mike Shefler┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 0
Tony Abell┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 1
Shani Naylor┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 3*

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