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Old April 1st, 2019, 06:13 PM
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Default [Dixonary] ROUND 2972 -- KYLIX RESULTS

Game 2972 -- Definitions for KYLIX

*Written by:*

*Voted for by: *


1. A small scar from chickenpox, etc.

*Shani voted for 9* & 10*



2. A minor inlet

*Ryan voted for 5 & 12*


3. A restricted area in a U.S. national park

*Guerri voted for 9* & 13*


4. A prominent curved fold of cartilage just inside the outer rim of the
external ear

*Judy voted for 1 & 13*

Tony A, Tim B, Mike S


5. An agglomeration

*Tim L. voted for 7 & 9**



6. A garbage tip


Tim L


7. [Gk.] The shears of Atropos (the Inflexible)

*Dave C. voted for 4 & 9**


8. The trunk of a palm or tree fern.

*Chris C.*

Tony A, Efrem


9. A lavishly decorated, ancient Greek two-handled drinking cup with a stem
and a wide, shallow bowl.


Dave C, Tim L, Shani, Efrem, Guerri

10. Cancerous skin tumor with cells arranged in cylinders.

*Johnny B -- DQ*



11. A toothlike projection from the second vertebra on which the first
vertebra pivots.

*Efrem voted for 8 & 9**

Mike S.


12. (Zool.) A lamprey

*Daniel W.*



13. [Topology] A geometric figure that has finite surface area yet encloses
an infinite volume (cf. Gabriel's horn).

*Mike S. voted for 4 & 11*

Judy, Tim B, Guerri


No Definition Received

*Tony Abell voted for 4 & 8*


No Definition Received

*Tim B voted for 4 & 13*


Shani, Judy, Tim L, Mike S. and Efrem scored 3 each. However, Judy and
Mike's votes did not include points for the real definition. Mike has, I
believe, the higher rolling score overall *drum roll* making him Da Winnah.
Congrats to all!

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