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Old March 28th, 2019, 04:33 PM
Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] AJUTAGE results!

How could anyone vote for the nozzle?

1. eaglewood [Madnick] 9 12 (Widdis) (Lodge) 2
2. a protrusion [McGill] NV (Naylor) (Shefler) (Mallach) (Carson) 4
3. that which sticks out [Chowie] *4 7 (Naylor) (Shefler) (Barrs)
(Mallach) (Carson) 2 + 5 = 7!!!
4. a nozzle, as in a fountain [Chambers] NV (Chowie) (Barrs)
(Shepherdson) D3
5. a sandy beach at a seaside resort [Carson] 2 3 nil
6. the disruption of enemy supply lines [Naylor] 2 3 nil
7. the eroded lip of an ancient waterfall [Barrs] 3 *4 (Chowie) 2 + 1
= 3
8. in mountain climbing, a traverse across a wet area [Stevens] 9 13 nil
9. a fee added on to a financial transaction involving more than one
currency [Shefler] 2 3 (Madnick) (Stevens) 2
10. a mass of iron in a pasty condition gathered into a ball for the tilt
hammer or rolls [Widdis] 1 13 (Shepherdson) 1
11. the amount added to a cargo on loading on to a ship to allow for
shrinkage and deterioration during a voyage [Lodge] 1 13 nil
12. The mathematical adjustment required to explain the retrograde motion
in an Earth-centric solar system [Shepherdson] *4 10 (Madnick) 2 + 1 = 3
13. [Opera] aria by a minor character that does not advance the plot but
provides time for main characters to change costumes [Mallach] 2 3
(Widdis) (Lodge) (Stevens) 3

Making Chowie the new dealer and Ryan McGill the Winnah!

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