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Old September 13th, 2020, 04:29 AM
Paul Keating
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3104: GRA [Definitions]

Here are 15 potential definitions of GRA. Some come from a dictionary, and
one even from a dictionary article about the word gra. Please vote for two,
by the deadline, which is Tuesday 15 September at 11h00 CEST, other times
for other places here
That is just under 48 hours from time of posting.


A shard or fragment

A sneeze of contempt

The coarse outer hair of llamas, used for rugs, wall-hangings, and lead

A critical bug in a computer program, resulting from a minor and
understandable but still really bad mistake, that can take hours to figure
out and fix

To burble or make a gurgling noise, said of a stream

Obs. or Scot. A feast

A spice made from lemongrass, turmeric, star anise and black pepper

A riding jacket of Eastern Europe

A graduate research assistant

Obsolete. rare. An exclamation ascribed to Irishmen [apparently
representing Irish a ghráidh ‘my dear’, in English books commonly
rendered agra(h or arrah]

A quickly assembled makeshift shelter

A brain disease suffered by sheep

Obs. Originally the Bearded Vulture, later applied to other vultures,
buzzards and kites [*prob.* Celtic]

A dwarf buffalo native to the Philippines

An ancient musical instrument resembling the lyre

This is an HTML numbered list, which is a virtually inescapable consequence
of my composing the message in anything other than Notepad. It is likely
that your mail client will renumber individual items of the list if you
cut and paste them. To avoid this, consider using the option to paste as
plain text, or equivalent.

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