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Old September 7th, 2020, 11:11 AM
Daniel B Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3102: OBOF results

The May 27, 1925 edition of the Teesdale Mercury newspaper had an article entitled “Quaint War Slang,” listing a few words from Soldier and Sailor

Words and Phrases, compiled by Edward Fraser and John Gibbons.* Among those was obof: Old buffer over forty. A jocular war-time term from the initials, for certain elderly recruits under the Conscription Act.* I found the woid in a few other sources, and thought maybe an acronym might slip through.* I thought wrong, as four players guessed the true meaning (or at least guessed acronyms).

Tying the dictionary with four votes are Tony Abell and Shani Naylor, who share real winner honors.* However, the deal goes to Tim Lodge, who benefited (?) from my extended deadline with an overnight vote that put him over the top with 5 points. *

All yours, Tim!

*** OBOF ***

1. a tribal people of the Sahel region of western Africa, principally in parts of Mali and Burkina Faso.

** Submitted by: Alan Mallach, who voted for 4 & 9 and scored 1

** Votes from: Shani Naylor

2. [Acronym] Original Beans from Organic Farms (originally Original Beef from Organic Farms).

** Submitted by: John Barrs, who voted for 5 & 10 and scored 0 + 2 = 2

** No votes

3. someone with similar views and lifestyle (prob. from Birds Of a Feather)..

** Submitted by: Tim Bourne, who voted for 6 & 8 and scored 0

** No votes

4. a felt high boot of a type worn by Russians. [Ru. обувь 'footwear']

** Submitted by: Paul Keating, who voted for 6 & 12 and scored 3

** Votes from: Alan Mallach, Judy Madnick, Efrem Mallach

5. Wishful sailor acronym for overboard officer floating.

** Submitted by: Debbie Embler, who voted for 6 & 12 and scored 2

** Votes from: John Barrs, Mike Shefler

6. A narrow-brimmed straw hat.

** Submitted by: Tony Abell, who voted for* &* and scored 4

** Votes from: Tim Bourne, Paul Keating, Debbie Embler, Judy Madnick

7. a skip in Irish curling.

** Submitted by: Dave Cunningham, who voted for 9 & 10 and scored 1 + 2 = 3

** Votes from: Paul Solyn

8. A deep ravine.

** Submitted by: Judy Madnick, who voted for 4 & 6 and scored 2

** Submitted by: Chris Carson, who voted for 9 & 13 and scored 2

** Votes from: Tim Lodge, Tim Bourne

9. [Rare] an inferior follower or imitator.

** Submitted by: Tim Lodge, who voted for 8 & 10 and scored 3 + 2 = 5

** Votes from: Dave Cunningham, Chris Carson, Alan Mallach

10. [joc. Military] an Old Buffer Over Forty.

** Submitted by: A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, who voted for 99 & 99 and scored 4

** Votes from: John Barrs, Dave Cunningham, Tim Lodge, Mike Shefler

11. [Malay] a sharply curved short sword or machete.

** Submitted by: Mike Shefler, who voted for 5 & 10 and scored 0 + 2 = 2

** No votes

12. A Bulgarian unit of currency, one-hundredth of a lev; a coin of this value.

***Submitted by: Shani Naylor, who voted for 1 & 13 and scored 4

** Votes from: Paul Keating, Debbie Embler, Efrem Mallach, Paul Solyn

13. a small, pointed instrument for making holes in cloth, leather, etc.; a bodkin.

** Submitted by: Efrem Mallach, who voted for 4 & 12 and scored 2

** Votes from: Chris Carson, Shani Naylor

** No def: Paul Solyn, who voted for 7 & 12

9Tim Lodge325
6Tony Abell44
12Shani Naylor44
4Paul Keating33
7Dave Cunningham123
2John Barrs022
5Debbie Embler22
8Judy Madnick22
8Chris Carson22
11Mike Shefler022
13Efrem Mallach22
1Alan Mallach11
3Tim Bourne00
14Paul Solyn00
10Dictionary D4

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