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Old June 5th, 2018, 06:26 PM
Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] ZIBELINE results

All submitters have voted, so I am ending this a tiny bit early (but I had
set a pretty late closing time)

1. a tattle tale [Stevens] 4 8 (Shefler) 1
2. the fur of the sable [Chambers] NV (Hale) (Lodge) (McGill) D3
3. a musky perfume from a civet cat [Barrs] 4 10 (Shepherdson)
(Carson) (McGill) (Abell) 4
4. a type of Romani (Gypsy) dance music [Mallach] 9 11 (Shefler)
(Madnick) (Stevens) (Barrs) (Naylor) 5!!
5. tending to become liquid; inclined to melt; melting [Widdis] 8 9
(Shepherdson) (Hale) 2
6. related to the fermentation of food or beverages [McGill] *2 3 0
+ 2 = 2
7. an edible flower of the daisy family (Coreopsis bigelovii) [Shefler]
1 4 (Carson) 1
8. small rope would around larger rope to keep it from fraying
[Madnick] 4 11 (Stevens) (Widdis) 2
9. a four-wheeled enclosed carriage with an exposed seat to the rear
[Carson] 3 7 (Widdis) (Mallach) (Lodge) 3
10. an Italian thick, spicy soup traditionally made with tripe and calf's
feet [Naylor] 4 11 (Barrs) (Abell) 2
11. a popular form of West-meets-East style of music, similar in many
respects to modern Arabic Pop, found particularly in the former French
colonies of North Africa [Lodge] *2 9 (Madnick) (Mallach) (Naylor) 3+2 =

Shepherdson 3 5 nil
Hale *2 5 0 + 2 = 2
Abell 3 10 nil

Making Efrem the next dealer, and Tim the winnah with his music


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