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Old August 10th, 2019, 10:27 AM
Judy Madnick
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Default [Dixonary] FW: Dixonary Players - newest?

I believe there may have been some minor updates since this list was sent. Please let me know if your information is still accurate. Have there been any new players since September?

This is a forwarded message
From: "Judy Madnick" <jmadnick (AT) gmail (DOT) com>
Dated: 8/9/2019 9:37:12 PM
Subject: Dixonary Players - newest?

From: Judy Madnick
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2018 06:41
To: jmadnick (AT) gmail (DOT) com
Subject: Dixonary Players a/o 09/20/2018
(Just a minor update or two.) Please let me know if the following information is still accurate. If there are any updates, errors, or missing players, please let me know. I will resend the list if there are changes. Otherwise, I won't resend until there are important updates. Thanks, all!

* * * * *
DIXONARY PLAYERS as of September 20, 2018. Please keep the list handy for reference and notify Judy of updates.

Tony Abell <hello (AT) isanybodyhome (DOT) com> / +1 908-541-9523 (NJ)
John Barrs <johnb (AT) john-barrs (DOT) co.uk> / +44 (0)1730-892676 (Hampshire, England)
Tim Bourne <dixonary (AT) siam (DOT) co.uk> or <timbourne43 (AT) googlemail (DOT) com> / +44 (0)1442-267220 / +44 (0)7726-961315 (cell) (England)
Chris Carson <clcarson (AT) live (DOT) com> or <christopherlanecarson@ gmail.com> / +1 732-424-8064 (NJ)
Dave Cunningham <collect (AT) compuserve (DOT) com> <cunn5393 (AT) bellsouth (DOT) net> / +1 386-677-3365 (FL)
Steve Dixon <stevedixon46 (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +1 770-560-4417 (GA)
Debbie Embler <chowwoman (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +1 336-207-4254 (NC)
Chuck Emery <chuck (AT) tdi (DOT) ca> / +1 416-252-5218 or +1 416-888-0587 (Ontario, Canada)
Steve Graham <sdgraham (AT) duckswild (DOT) com> / +1 503 310-3709 (OR)
Keith Hale <thoughtstorms (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +1 682-710-2787 (TX)
Jim Hart <jfshart (AT) gmail (DOT) com> (Victoria, Australia)
Paul Keating <keating (AT) acm (DOT) org> / +31 (0)70-331-7930 (Netherlands)
Hugo Kornelis <hugo (AT) perfact (DOT) info> / +31 (0)36 5234272 / +31 (0)6 24905042 (cell) (Netherlands)
Tim Lodge <dix (AT) timlodge (DOT) co.uk> or <timlodge (AT) timlodge (DOT) co.uk> / +44 (0)1628-627882 (England)
Judy Madnick <jmadnick (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +1 518-608-5559 (NY)
Efrem Mallach <emallach (AT) verizon (DOT) net> or <emallach (AT) umassd (DOT) edu> (secondary) / +1 978-846-0617 (MA)
Ryan McGill <ryanmmcgill (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +1 541-225-7041 (OR, USA, text preferred if not cost-prohibitive)
Millie Morgan <milliemmorgan (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +61 3-9439-6213 (Victoria, Australia)
Shani Naylor <shani.naylor (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +64 4-387-4119 (New Zealand)
Mike Shefler <stamps (AT) salsgiver (DOT) com> / +1 724-272-4535 (PA)
Nancy Shepherdson <nancygoat (AT) gmail (DOT) com> (Dixonary) / <nancyshepherdson (AT) gmail (DOT) com> (personal) / +1 847-340-0262 (IL)
Guerri Stevens <guerri (AT) guerristevens (DOT) com> / +1 864-895-6926 (SC)
Dick Weltz <rweltz (AT) att (DOT) net> / +1 212-734-6285 (NY)
Dan Widdis <widdis (AT) dixonary (DOT) net> or <widdis (AT) gmail (DOT) com> / +1 702-997-3434 (WA)

NOTES (as provided by the late Dodi Schultz):

IF TWO ADDRESSES ARE GIVEN, use the first except if it appears to be inoperative or you are specifically instructed otherwise.

PHONE NUMBERS are for the eyes of this group only; are to be kept confidential (some are unpublished); and are intended solely for emergency use in the event of a player's inability to reach the group or the group's inability to reach a "missing" player by e-mail. The number after the plus sign is the country code for international dialing.

TIME ZONES. It's helpful if dealers, in specifying deadlines, give them in the varying time zones in which our players reside. At the very least, please give the abbreviation of the prevailing time in your own zone-e.g., "Fri.. Dec. 9, 8 a.m. EST"-so other players can calculate. Two useful sites for finding times in other areas: http://www.timeanddate.com/ worldclock/ and http://www.qlock.com/time/

CHANGING TIMES. Dates for observance of "daylight saving" ("summer") time, when it's an hour later by the clock, vary as follows (changes all occur at 2 a.m. local time):

NORTH AMERICA: Zones from west to east are Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern; each is one hour later than the one before. Standard time PST, etc. Daylight saving time (PDT, etc.): second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November.

ENGLAND: Standard time UTC or GMT. Summer time (BST) last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October.

NETHERLANDS: Standard time CET. Summer time (CEST) last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October.

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: Standard time AEST. Daylight saving time (AEDT) first Sunday in October to first Sunday in April.

NEW ZEALAND: Standard time NZST. Daylight saving time (NZDST) last Sunday in September to first Sunday in April.

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