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Old October 12th, 2017, 01:00 AM
Daniel Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2842: TILLY-VALLY

Found somewhere in the dictionary between tilliesoul and timocracy is:


Please send me your fabulous, fanciful, fake, fictitious, fairy-tale, fabricated, false, fantastical, forged, fabled, far fetched, fraudulent, flim flam, feigned, fanatical, and figmental definitions for TILLY-VALLY by email to widdis (AT) dixonary (DOT) net

Including TILLY-VALLY and/or 2842 in your subject line will reduce the chances that I'll miss your submission.Â* So will sending it to my dixonary dot net address!

The deadline will be precisely 36 hours from this posting at 11 am PDT on Friday, October 13.Â* That’s 2pm EDT, 6pm UTC, 7pm BST in the UK, 8pm CEST in the Netherlands, and early Saturday at 5am AEDT in Melbourne, and 7am NZDT Wednesday in Wellington.

Should I have missed or miscalculated your time zone, the authoritative deadline can be found on this page, which will convert the deadline to your own time zone and offer links to add calendar events and other tools.

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