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Old October 4th, 2017, 01:45 PM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary]: Round 2839: RESULTS >> fuliginous <<

Well, it timed out rather well. I'm back from the quasi-pleasant fog
of pain meds, both tooth and ache gone. I think i'm sharp enough to
tabulate this and announce that the next dealer is: Tim Lodge with 7
creepy, spooky, unnatural points! The real Winnah goes to Mike
Shefler with 5 similarly Octoberween-ish points.

Take the reins, please, Mr. Lodge!

1> Soggy or lumpy, as food that is poorly cooked.
submitted by: Daniel Widdis
who voted for:
scoring: 0
votes from:

2> Of, like or pertaining to the mallow family of plants.
submitted by: Judy Madnick
who voted for: 5 + 11
scoring: 0 + 1 = 1
votes from: Tony Abell,

3> Of or pertaining to pheasant feathers.
submitted by: Shani Naylor
who voted for: 7 + 12
scoring: 0
votes from:

4> Of wood, having a high resin content.
submitted by: Efrem Mallach
who voted for: 7 + 12
scoring: 0 + 3 = 3
votes from: Tim Bourne, Tim Lodge, Ryan McGill,

5> (Of a fungus) producing spores from multiple fruiting bodies.
submitted by: Mike Shefler
who voted for: *8* + 11
scoring: 2* + 3 = 5*
votes from: Judy Madnick, Guerri Stevens, Ryan McGill,

6> Woody (of a plant).
submitted by: Tim Bourne
who voted for: 4 & *8*
scoring: 2*
votes from:

7> Having a peevish disposition.
submitted by: Chris Carson
who voted for: *8* + 12
scoring: 2* + 2 = 4*
votes from: Efrem Mallach, Shani Naylor,

8> 1. Sooty; smoky. 2. Of the color of soot, as dark gray, dull
brown, black, etc.
submitted by: Dictionary.com
who voted for: Brexit(!)
scoring: D6
votes from: Tim Bourne, Johnny Barrs, Tim Lodge, Mike Shefler, Tony
Abell, Chris Carson,

9> Characterized by surprising generosity or unmerited benefit.
submitted by: Nancy Shepherson
who voted for:
scoring: 0
votes from:

10> Injurious to peace or morals.
submitted by: Guerri Stevens
who voted for: 5 + 12
scoring: 0
votes from:

11> [Bot.] of leaves; dark green leathery above, light felted texture below
submitted by: Johnny Barrs
who voted for: *8* + 12
scoring: 2* + 2 = 4*
votes from: Judy Madnick, Mike Shefler,

12> Embarrassingly over-friendly.
submitted by: Tim Lodge
who voted for: 4 + *8*
scoring: 2* + 5 = 7*
votes from: Johnny Barrs, Efrem Mallach, Guerri Stevens, Shani
Naylor, Chris Carson,

No bluff submitted by: Ryan McGill
who voted for: 4 + 5
scoring: 0 + 0 = 0
votes from:

No def submitted by: Tony Abell
who voted for: 2 + *8*
scoring: 2* + 0 = 2*
votes from:

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