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Old October 3rd, 2017, 02:18 AM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary]: Round 2839: VOTING List: >> fuliginous <<

Waauuugh! No amount of toothache fully excuses ANOTHER big goof.
I really thought i hit "Send" before trekking off to buy medicine. But now
i see it never left.

~~~~~Well, it is very nearly the 36 hour deadline, and with no DQs, here
find one smooth dozen definitions, one of which (i triple checked!) is from
a dictionary!

You may vote even if you are brand new to the game, vote for two numbers by
reply to this email before the voting deadline, which is 2PM (1400) on
Tuesday, 06 October, 2017 C.E.: US Central Time Zone (Texas, yee-haw!) or
the corresponding time in your local time zone.

If, upon perusing the list you are sure that you can see the real
definition, PLEASE do not vote, - OR hit "Reply" at all. Instead,
please send me a private email to [ thoughtstorms (AT) gmail (DOT) com ] telling
me that you have to disqualify yourself. Keeps it fair, and hopefully
won't happen much.

1> Soggy or lumpy, as food that is poorly cooked.
2> Of, like or pertaining to the mallow family of plants.
3> Of or pertaining to pheasant feathers.
4> Of wood, having a high resin content.
5> (Of a fungus) producing spores from multiple fruiting bodies.
6> Woody (of a plant).
7> Having a peevish disposition.
8> 1. Sooty; smoky. 2. Of the color of soot, as dark gray, dull brown,
black, etc.
9> Characterized by surprising generosity or unmerited benefit.
10> Injurious to peace or morals.
11> [Bot.] of leaves; dark green leathery above, light felted texture below
12> Embarrassingly over-friendly.

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