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Old October 1st, 2017, 04:02 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2838 And the winner is.....

Our new dealer is Keith H who scored 5 points with his ancient knot. In
second place, with 4 points, was Efrem M.

A mountweazel is named for *Lillian Virginia Mountweazel* (1942–1973), a
fountain designer and photographer who appeared in the 1975 New Columbia
Encyclopedia. Supposedly, she was born in Bangs, Ohio, and died in an
explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine. There was only one
problem - she never existed. The entry was put in the encyclopedia to
detect plagarism (if it was used elsewhere).

Take it away Keith!

1. The lowest of the volcanoes of Auckland, New Zealand, named for a
Maori chief who signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.
Dave C, who didn’t vote. Score: 0

2. A high plateau ground living parrot.
Johnny B, DQ. Score: 1
Vote from Judy M.

3. A specialized tool formerly used in engine tune ups.
Nancy S, who voted 10 & 13. Score: 1
Vote from Mike S.

4. The demonym for residents of the region surrounding Mount
Wellington, Tasmania.
Ryan M, who didn’t vote. Score: 3

Votes from Dan W, Tim L & Guerri S.

5. A woman’s garment covering the neck and shoulders, worn esp.
during the 16th Century.
Tim L, who voted 4 & 10. Score: 1

Vote from Tony A.

6. Any invented word or name inserted in a reference work by a
publisher for the purpose of detecting plagiarism.
Dictonary.com D3

Votes from Efrem M, Keith H & Tim B.

7. Plants that are engaged in nutritive and growth processes rather
than reproductive processes.
Guerri S, who voted 4 & 12. Score: 1
Vote from Keith H.

8. A kind of low-profile hook for hanging picture frames, etc.
Tony A, who voted 5 & 11. Score: 0

9. Deposit of decayed woody material under a marsh.
Judy M, who voted 2 & 13. Score: 0

10. An alpine flower _*Leucogenes grandiceps_ *similar in
characteristics to edelweiss, found mainly in Southern New Zealand.
Mike S, who voted 3 & 12. Score: 3.
Votes from Efrem M, Nancy S & Tim L.

11. A genus of spiny shrubs in the buckthorn family.
Efrem M, who voted *6* & 10. Score: 4
Votes from Tim B & Tony A.

12. An ancient, specialized knot used to secure a door.
Keith H, who voted *6* & 7. Score: 5
Votes from Dan W, Mike S & Guerri S.

13. A migratory Eurasian songbird (_Turdus torquatus_) the male of which
is black with a white crescent across the breast.
Chris C, who didn’t vote. Score: 2
Vote from Judy M, Nancy S

No def: Dan W, who voted 4 & 12. Score: 0

Tim B, who voted *6* & 11. Score: 2

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