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Old September 6th, 2019, 09:20 AM
'Efrem G Mallach' via Dixonary
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3012 voting time: ASYNDETON


We have gone from a paucity of definitions in the progress report to, if not a plethora, at least an adequacy. Fifteen definitions of ASYNDETON follow. One is correct; fourteen are from your collective imaginations. They have been edited (very slightly) for format consistency and are in ascending order of character count, which might not correspond to visual length in your email display font.

Please vote for two that you like for any reason by public Reply to this message before the deadline that follows the list. If you realize now that you know what ASYNDETON means, please tell me by private email to emallach <at> verizon <dot> net.

1. [Gk.] the woolly mammoth.

2. a randomly-timed bomb explosion.

3. a short literary essay or sketch.

4. a harsh penalty for a minor crime.

5. private consideration of a case by a judge.

6. one who keeps to themselves; a rebel; a loner.

7. an object that is obviously or starkly out of place.

8. omission of conjunctions between parts of a sentence.

9. of a plant with radiate leaves or branches; umbrella-like.

10. [rare] anything which is not of uniform character or weight.

11. in Asian music, a note not conforming to the time signature or metre of the piece.

12. having coloration that stands out against the creature’s habitat, usu. for the purpose of attracting a mate or fending off rivals.

13. the rapid growth of the complexity of a problem due to how the combinatorics of the problem is affected by the input, constraints, and bounds of the problem.

14. land subject to the Charter of the Forest (1217), which reformed forest law and established the rights of agistment and pannage on private land within the forests.

15. a morpheme in morphology and syntax that has syntactic characteristics of a word, but depends phonologically on another word or phrase. In this sense, it is syntactically independent but phonologically dependent, always attached to a host.

Votes are due 47+ hours from now: Sunday, Sept. 8, at 9 am US EDT. According to timeanddate.com <http://timeanddate.com/>, that is:

and other times in other places. Please check any time conversion that applies to you. That site is good, but nobody's perfect.

New players are welcome to vote. Submitting a definition is not a requirement for voting; the only requirement is that you not know what this word means. Full rules at http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules <http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules> .

Vote on!


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