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Old March 12th, 2018, 02:12 PM
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Default [Dixonary] Rd. 2878: Defs up for ama!

Hi all,

Well, this one is seemingly going off without a hitch, featuring a word
from a cryptic crossword (confirmed by a hard-cover dictionary, of all
things). We have a baker's dozen of definitions for ama, one of which is
the real one. Please vote for your favorite two, without looking it up, by
the deadline:

Midnight EDT Tuesday March 13, which is 11 p.m. the same day CDT and 5 a.m.
GMT on Wednesday March 14. I'm stretching the deadline a bit to give
everyone a chance to vote since I am posting later than I said I would.

So here are the wonderful, clever definitions. Please forgive me if the
spacing or type size is odd -- it is insignificant but seemingly impossible
to correct-- and start voting!


1. 1. a dam or weir in a river for keeping fish or taking
them easily.

2. 2. a robe worn by Tamil women in southern India and
Sri Lanka.

3. 3. In the early Christian church, a vessel for mixing
and storing wine for the Eucharistic service.

4. 4. [Scots] grandmother (as a term of endearment).

5. a wet nurse.

6. a photomicrograph.

7. 7. Money set aside for charitable donations.

8. A talking drum of Senegalese origin.

9. 9. (Maori) Essential life force.

10. Aunt.

11. a loved one.

12. [Str. Chinese] a woman employed by a family as a live-in childminder;
a nanny.

13. a follower or supporter.

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