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Old March 8th, 2018, 12:24 PM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2877: time to vote!

Hi folks

It's time to cast two votes for our word KOSCHE. We have a respectable 15
definitions for your delectation.

1. Gnarled; knotty.

2. Coffee-flavored sherbet.

3. Fermented camel's milk.

4. A tree native to tropical Africa yielding a wood often used as a
substitute for mahogany.

5. A hereditary estate.

6. Any material added to paint for increased opacity.

7. A type of Polish dumpling.

8. A kind of Austrian torte traditionally made with wild berries, but
now often with strawberries.

9. *Sc. Obs. rare.* Hollow.

10. To rush around noisily.

11. An incentive to people to buy a product that is not selling well.

12. Debris composed of dust and oil, often found within poorly-maintained

13. A narrow flat braid in a herringbone pattern, used for trimming and

14. Fossilized river sediment.

15. To scrounge; to live freely off your dependants.

The deadline is 9pm Saturday 10 March my time (NZDT), or
midnight Friday/Saturday 9/10 March (LA, USA)
3am Saturday 10 March (NY, USA)
8am Saturday 10 March (London, UK)
9am Saturday 10 March (Netherlands)

Happy voting!

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