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Old October 4th, 2020, 12:43 PM
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3109 - THALWEG

For some reason my send message to the group isn't getting through so I'm
reposting directly.

We’ve arrived at a total of 14 defs for THALWEG. Please vote for your two
favorites, by public reply to this message, before deadline, which is 9:30
AM EDT on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, or 6:30 AM PDT .

1. A lamentation for the dead, a dirge.

2. A recurring nightmare.

3. A mile marker (Ger.)

4. A North Germanic language that was spoken in the

Northern Isles of Scotland until the late 15th century when

it was gradually replaced by Scots.

5. To put sand or gravel in a ship as ballast.

6. A subterranean stream.

7. In Oslo, the road on which convicted murderers walked

to the gallows.

8. A separated high-speed lane on a highway, with fewer

access points.

9. Winter thale cress [Arabidopsis thaliana] originally

used as a vegetable [hence its common name] but nowadays

much studied in microbiology because of its very small


10. A gravel road.

11. A cask containing, sometimes 84, sometimes 120, gallons.

12. A bundle of rods with an axe used to symbolize


13. Meteorology. An atmospheric river.

14. A funicular railroad.


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