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Old March 3rd, 2019, 02:33 PM
Guerri Stevens
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Default [Dixonary] OT: Thunderbird Task List and status bar

I saw a note that I could disable the "today pane" in the status bar.
But what/where is the "status bar"? Is it the bar across the bottom of
the screen that tells me, for example, that I moved some messages from
the Inbox to trash? and that there are no messages to download?

What I really care about, however, is the Thunderbird task list feature.
Are any of you using it, and if so, do you like it?

One of the "features" of my current version of Windows is the inability
to run my old Calendar software. It was a DOS application, and it will
not run on this machine. I forget what message I get, but that doesn't
matter. I believe, perhaps erroneously, that I could set up something
called a "DOS Box". I have not pursued that, however, thinking that I
should'nt spend time on getting old stuff to run because it will all
have to be done over with the next version of Windows, and the next and
the next - you get the idea.

I am using Thunderbird for Email.It has something called a calendar
pane, and I admit that I have not investigated it. Are any of you using it?

I had my previous computer set up so that when I turned it on, it would
run my calendar software. I suspect there may be a feature in my current
version of windows that would allow me to run something automatically
when booting up. It is also possible that I might be able to to create a
calendar/to do list of some kind and if it is not possible to get it to
appear magically when I boot up, I could train myself to run it. For
that matter, I could possibly train myself to check the little pocket
calendar I carry around with me. This would at least avoidÂ* forgetting
appoints (notice that I don't mention appointments I would like to
forget, but those are the ones for which I receive phone calls a day or
so in advance).

Anyway, has any of you tried the calendar features in Thunderbird?

-- Guerri

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