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Old September 26th, 2019, 09:37 AM
Mike Shefler
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3016 - vote for ZORILLA

Here are 13 definitio0ns for ZORILLA, one of which came from a dictionary.
Vote for your two facoritesno later than 9 AM EDT, Saturday, September 28.

1. a phantom; an apparition.

2. an equestrian jump with two rails, the first being lower than the

3. a Spanish dance characterised by rapid and flamboyant movement
interrupted by moments of stillness.

4. [Mex. via zorro] a vicious stoat-like animal.

5. a large decorative comb usually worn under a mantilla, or lace head

6. [Philately] any of several U.S. postage stamps issued with a "Z
grill" covering the entire stamp.

7. an ancient book of secrets.

8. one of a band of female vigilantes who attempted to maintain civil
order during and following the Costa Rican Civil War of 1948, notable
for their yellow clothing.

9. a small, carnivorous, nocturnal mammal, _Ictonyx striatus_, of the
weasel family, found in dry regions of Africa.

10. a small zoo or menagerie.

11. any of various sea basses, especially edible species of the genera
_Epinephelus_ and _Paralabrax_

12. a substance made of mushrooms or fungi, which are boiled in water,
dried, and beaten, then put in a strong lye prepared with saltpeter,
and again dried in an oven.

13. a type of screw.

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