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Old June 4th, 2019, 01:42 PM
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Default [Dixonary] Rd. 2988: Vote now for ANTA!

Hi all,

Very sorry for the delay in posting. I had some health issues yesterday
and went to bed early – totally forgetting to post until just now. I
really hope this is a correct list but the omens are fairly bad --
forgetting to post, pouring down rain outside, but I'm hoping everything is
well. Forgive any formatting problems. I had a struggle to post it

Anyway,we have 14 definitions to choose from, only one of which is the
right one. Please vote for two of these lovely definitions before 10 p.m.
CDT on Wednesday June 5. That’s 11 p.m. EDT, same day. 4 a.m. on Thursday
June 6 GMT. I'm extending the deadline a bit because I have to give a talk
on Wednesday evening.

Happy voting!


1. A morbid fear of exams.

2. [Arch.] a small block used as a repeating decorative element,
e.g., under an eave.

3. the inky cap mushroom when the edges have turned up and the gills
have begun to deliquesce

4. [Gael.] a waterfall.

5. The primary entrance to a theater or opera house.

6. duress of some kind.

7. [Geol.] a high plain between two mountain ranges.

8. wooden-soled Japanese shoe

9. A ridge with a gentle slope on one side and a cliff on the other.

10. A pier produced by thickening a wall at its termination.

11. [Chinese] a small, outdoor clay oven

12. Polish sour rye soup.

13. "Cash" coins minted with a center hole.

14. (Art) Having the ground engraved or cut out in the parts to be
enameled; inlaid in depressions made in the ground; -- said of a kind of
enamel work in which depressions made in the surface are filled with enamel
pastes, which are afterward fired; also, designating the process of making
such enamel work.

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