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Old August 21st, 2019, 02:21 AM
Daniel B Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3008: vote for SCREW JAWS

A mere ten players submitted fake offerings for SCREW JAWS, which are presented here in a lovely swallowtail pattern by length along with the real one mixed in somewhere.¬*¬* You may vote for two!

The deadline will be just under 36 hours from this posting at noon PDT Thursday, August 22. That's 3pm EDT, 1900 UTC, 8pm BST in the UK, 9pm CEST in the Netherlands, and Friday morning at 5 am AEST in Melbourne, and 7 am NZST in Wellington.

Should I have missed or miscalculated your time zone, the authoritative deadline can be found on this page, which will convert the deadline to your own time zone and offer links to add calendar events and other tools.

1. scissor-like implements used to remove fully-threaded bone screws during orthopaedic surgeries, particularly those used in cortical bones.

2. a person with a twisted face, either a disfigurement or to express strong emotion

3. A type of salt water taffy known for being extremely hard and chewy.

4. A vintage robot associated with the steampunk genre.

5. A kind of clamp for securing theatrical lighting.

6. A wry-mouthed man or woman.

7. a specialized nutcracker using a screw mechanism

8. a device used to alter a stirrup for a small rider.

9. [Br. slang] an inmate who passes information to prison guards.

10. [Dan.] a wicked imp that teases small children and steals their toys.

11. a joiner's clamping device that allows fine adjustment of the pressure on a piece of work.

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