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Old September 9th, 2018, 07:33 PM
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Default [Dixonary] GAME 2921 -- RESULTS


*Written by:*

Voted for by:


1. [archaic] a squirrel.

*Efrem Mallach, who voted for 10 and 2*

Daniel Widdis, Mike Shefler, Shani Naylor, Tim Lodge, Christopher Carson


2. a common bird of the Orkneys.

*Dave Cunningham, who did not vote*

Judy Madnick, Efrem Mallach


3. a migratory species of reptiles.

*Guerri Stevens, who voted 11 and 12*


4. the European glow-worm, _*Lampyris noctiluca*_

*Tim Lodge, who voted for 1 and 12*

Keith Hale


5. a fungus used for centuries to make dark brown ink.

*Keith Hale, who voted for 4 and 12*

6. a species of fuchsia exclusive to the Inagua Islands.

*Ryan McGill, who did not vote*


7. fortune-telling based on what variety of cabbage a blindfolded
person picks.

*Shani Taylor, who voted for 1 and 8**

Mike Shefler


8. a device for casting shadows or silhouettes to produce patterned

*Dixonary/Debbie E.*

Tony Abell, Shani Naylor


9. a woven, usually woolen area rug with a long, soft pile,
traditionally of Greek origin.

*Christopher Carson, voted for 1 and 12*

Tim Bourne


10. a medium-sized parrot of South America and the Caribbean _Amazona

*Mike Shefler, who voted for 1 and 7*

Judy Madnick, Efrem Mallach


11. decorative glassware in which coloured glass rods are fused and cut to
create flower patterns: an ancient technique revived in Venice in the
sixteenth century and in France and England in the nineteenth century.

*Judy Madnick, who voted for 2 and 10*

Tim Bourne, Daniel Widdis, Tony Abell, Guerri Stevens


12. a spasm of a muscle or muscle group, usually caused by sudden muscle
contractions (positive cucoloris) or brief lapses of contraction

*Daniel Widdis, who voted for 1 and 11*

Keith Hale, Tim Lodge, Guerri Stevens, Christopher Carson


(negative cucoloris). The most common circumstance under which they

occur is while falling asleep (hypnic jerk).

No Definition Received

*Tony Abell, voted for 8* and 11*


No Definition Received

*Tim Bourne, voted for 11 and 9*

I've tallied this using Microsoft Excel. If it comes out scrambled on your
end, let me know and I'll type out. (Also, please double check my results
as this is my first time at this. *Tedious* ) Congrats to Efrem!!

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