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Old September 6th, 2018, 03:30 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2920 results

Our winner this round, with 4 points, is one of our new players, Debbie
Embler. Well done Debbie!! This was Debbie's third game. Three players came
second with 3 points each - Dave C, Chris C & Tony A. Meanwhile, your
dealer snuck through on a D0.

Take it away Debbie! (I will email you some dealing tips separately).

1. new islands that appear as the result of prior volcanic eruptions
under the ocean
Debbie E, who voted 10 & 15. Score: 4
Votes from Keith H, Judy M, Hugo K, Mike S

2. waterproof leggings
dictionary.com D0

No votes.

3. the second (return) phase of a bidirectional physical phenomenon,
such as the outflow of water following a tsunami
Efrem M, who voted 7 & 13. Score: 2
Votes from Ryan M, Dave C

4. land masses that have separated from a continental mass due to
tectonic displacement
Keith H, who voted 1 & 16. Score: 2
Votes from Judy M, Sheri S

5. cough medicine
Hugo K, who voted 1 & 16. Score: 1
Vote from Ryan M

6. a fictional holiday, in which everything you do or say means
exactly the opposite
Dan W, who voted 12 & 13. Score: 0

No votes.

7. [Gk.] a non-native dish served as an appetizer
Mike S, who voted 1 & 16. Score: 2
Votes from Tim B, Efrem M

8. aim; purpose; ultimate end
Judy M, who voted 1 & 4. Score: 1

Vote from Tim L

9. a political sect that believes that all intoxicants should be
illegal and that possession and/or distribution of them should be a capital
Guerri S, who didn’t vote. Score: 0

No votes

10. armour for the leg above the knee
Tim L, who voted 8 & 15. Score: 1

Vote from Debbie E

11. a political movement to encourage temperance
Ryan M, who voted 3 & 5. Score: 0

No votes.

12. a Hellenistic Greek tyrant and renegade during the Seleucid dynasty
who ordered the Jews to build shines to idols and sacrifice pigs
Sheri S, who voted 4 & 14. Score: 1
Vote from Dan W

13. _Gk._ an appetizer
Dave C, who voted 3 & 15. Score: 3
Votes from Dan W, Tim B, Efrem M

14. a wire cage around a boat's propeller, serving the dual purpose of
keeping weed off the propeller and also protecting marine mammals from
Tim B, who voted 7 & 13. Score: 1

Vote from Sheri S

15. a loose outer robe worn by women in ancient Greece
Chris C, who didn’t vote. Score: 3

Votes from Debbie E, Dave C, Tim L

16. the visual impairment of the eyes not moving or focusing together
Tony A, who didn’t vote. Score: 3
Votes from Keith H, Hugo K, Mike S

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