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Old August 3rd, 2018, 03:49 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2911 - results

Hi all - our winner with 5 points is Tim L, for his chitty chitty**. In
coveted second place, with 4 points are Tony A & Dave C. A Poland China is
a black & white pig (there are plenty of photos online, if you Google).
Johnny B, Nancy S & Stephen D (who didn't submit a def) were all DQ.

Take it away Tim!

1. A kind of bluish porcelain.
Tony A, who voted 2 & *6*. Score: 4.
Votes from Tim L & Judy M.

2. [Cockney rhyming slang] Best friend (Poland chest = best, China
plate = mate).
Tim L, who voted 1 & 13. Score: 5
Votes from Tim B, Mike S, Guerri S, Tony A & Keith H.

3. A medieval mortar mix made from equal parts of sand, clay and
Mike S, who voted for 2 & *6*. Score: 2

No votes.

4. (slang) Makeshift utensils for Shabbat and Passover, alluding to an
improvised approach to ritual celebrations necessary due to the loss of
possessions and community experienced by Polish Jews during the Holocaust.
Ryan M, who voted 5 & 9. Score: 1
Vote from Keith H.

5. The Pacific pole of inaccessibility (also called Point Nemo), the
point in the ocean farthest from any land, antipodal from Poland.
Dan W, who voted 12 & 13. Score: 1

Vote from Ryan M.

6. One of an American breed of black hogs having white markings.
dictionary.com D4
Votes from Dave C, Mike S, Guerri S & Tony A.

7. A trophy for a race or other athletic competition.
Guerri S, who voted 2 & *6*. Score: 2

No votes.

8. A small tropical freshwater anemone that is typically brightly
Nancy S, who was DQ. Score: 0

No votes.

9. Highly polished fine white or translucent vitrified ceramic
Judy M, who voted 1 & 14. Score: 1
Vote from Ryan M.

10. A glossy wood finish obtained by rubbing a varnished surface with
Efrem M, who voted 12 & 14. Score: 0

No votes.

11. A white, caustic, lumpy powder, KOH, used as a refractory, as a flux
in glass making.
Chris C, who didn’t vote. Score: 1
Vote from Tim B.

12. [sl.] A sham or fraud, esp. imported goods marked misleadingly.
Dave C, who voted *6* & 14. Score: 4

Votes from Dan W & Efrem M.

13. A shrub related to sarsaparilla whose thick fleshy roots are still
employed in the USA as an alternative medicine [Smilax pseudo-China].
Johnny B, who was DQ. Score: 2
Votes from Tim L & Dan W.

14. A term used in the antiques trade to indicate items of doubtful
Tim B, who voted for 2 & 11. Score: 3
Vote from Dave C, Judy M & Efrem M.

No def: Keith H, who voted 2 & 4. Score: 0

** (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is, you guessed it, Cockney Rhyming Slang for
Cockney Rhyming Slang)

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