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Old May 5th, 2020, 06:07 PM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3070 results

Our next dealer is Tim L, who scored 6 natural points with his muttonbird def
(actual Maori name is tītī) and who is ahead of Efrem M in the rolling
scores. Efrem also scored 6 natural points for his extinct NZ bird.
According to that reputable authority, Wye's Dictionary of Improbable
Words, ay-ay-aya is actually the yell of a runner in training (not that
I've ever heard a runner yell this). Wye's dictionary focuses on words that
are all vowels (including y) or all consonants and are found in published
books. You can have a peek inside on Amazon.

Take it away Tim!

1. The yell of a runner in training.
D0!! 2. [Maori] The muttonbird or sooty shearwater.
Tim L, who voted 8 & 11. Score: 6
Votes from Johnny B, Alan M, Dave C, Debbie E, Ryan M & Chris C. 3.
the female long-fingered lemur.
Johnny B, who voted 2 & 6. Score: 3
Votes from Alan M, Mike S & Ryan M. 4. A joyous, or sometimes
sarcastic, exclamation.
Judy M, who voted 9 & 10. Score: 1
Vote from Efrem M. 5. A phrase used in a chant to express lamentation..
Chris C, who voted 2 & 6. Score: 1
Vote from Efrem M. 6. A flightless bird native to New Zealand,
slightly larger than a kiwi, extinct since c. 1450.
Efrem M, who voted 4 & 5. Score: 6
Votes from Tim B, Johnny B, Dave C, Debbie E, Nancy S & Chris C. 7. A
game of chance played with three six-sided dice. The game is
stereotypically played in urban settings such as alleys or stoops.
Dan W, who voted 10 & 8. Score: 1
Vote from Mike S. 8. One of the largest gem-quality
rough diamonds ever found, weighing 2,334 carats and discovered at Boevets,
South Africa on May 12, 1986 and named after a local spring.
Nancy S, who voted 6 & 9. Score: 2
Votes from Tim L & Dan W. 9. A rare tropical bird of the order
psittaciformes, found in low-lying jungle areas in South-Central Asia, and
distinguished by its unusual yellow-green plumage and red crest, as well as
its distinctive cry.
Alan M, who voted 2 & 3. Score: 3
Votes from Tim B, Judy M & Nancy S. 10. The web of a bird spider native
to the South American rain forest, from the sound one makes on walking into
one unexpectedly. Also, the spider itself, considered a delicacy among some
native tribes.
Mike S, who voted 3 & 7. Score: 2
Votes from Judy M & Dan W. 11. An artistic movement originating in Italy
in the 1960s, incorporating elements of conceptual, minimalist, and
performance art and characterized by the use of ostensibly worthless
everyday materials, often in temporary installations; the art associated
with this movement. The movement is known for an emphasis on creating works
that would not be commercially viable, but many of these works are now sold
and collected. Paul K, who didn’t vote. Score: 1
Vote from Tim L. No def: Tim B, who voted 6 & 9. Score: 0
Dave C, who voted 2 & 6. Score: 0
Debbie E, who voted 2 & 6. Score: 0
Ryan McGill, who voted 2 & 3. Score: 0

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