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Old May 13th, 2020, 05:21 PM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3072 results for PUTTONY

Hi all

Our next dealer is Efrem M, who scored an unnatural 6 for his depression
def. The real winner was Paul K, with 5 unnatural points. Seven players
voted for PUTTONY, perhaps compensating for the D0 I scored two rounds back..

Take it away Efrem!

1. Depression, melancholia.
Efrem M, who voted 6 & *13. Score: 6

Votes from Paul K, Ryan M, Judy M & Chris C.

2. The act of wading. [Colloq.]
Dan W, who voted 9 & *13. Score: 2

No votes.

3. The state of being overly jocular.
Ryan M, who voted 1 & 4. Score: 2

Votes from Debbie E & Judy M.

4. Offensively forward or disrespectful.
Chris C, who voted 1 & 13. Score: 1

Vote from Ryan M.

5. Small scraps of food, especially meat.
Mike S, who voted 6 & 7. Score: 2

Votes from Tim B & Tony A.

6. A type of black pudding flavoured with treacle.
Dave C, who voted 7 & 9. Score: 3

Votes from Efrem M, Alan M & Mike S.

7. A North Country dish based on tripe and swedes.
Tim B, who voted 5 & 10. Score: 4

Votes from Dave C, Mike S, Johnny B & Tony A.

8. Someone who resembles an animal in their facial features.
Debbie E, who voted 3 & 9. Score: 0

No votes.

9. *obs.* Fattening of calves, esp. by substituting grain-rich fodder
for pasture.
Paul K, who voted 1 & *13. Score: 5

Votes from Dave C, Dan W & Debbie E.

10. An abrasive paste used to polish steel in the traditional fabrication
of knives and swords.
Tim L, who voted 12 & *13. Score: 3

Vote from Tim B.

11. Trade name of a putty like substance made of or containing a high
proportion of silicone.
Johnny B, who voted 7 & *13. Score: 2

No votes.

12. A translucent to transparent milky or grayish quartz with distinctive
microscopic crystals arranged in slender fibers in parallel bands.
Judy M, who voted 1 & 3. Score: 1

Vote from Tim L.

13. In Hungary: a basket usually made of wooden staves or wickerwork and
designed to be carried on the back, used to transfer grapes from the
vineyard to the wine press. Hence: a measure of dried overripe grapes
equivalent to the contents of such a container, added to the fermentation
cask in making Tokay, the number of measures added determining the richness
of the wine.
Votes from Efrem M, Alan M, Paul K, Dan W, Tim L, Johnny B & Chris C.
No def: Alan M, who voted 6 & *13. Score: 2
No def: Tony A, who voted 5 & 7. Score: 0
I didn’t score Guerri, as she was voting for a word that was played a week

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