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Old December 31st, 2021, 09:08 AM
'Mike Shefler' via Dixonary
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3220 vote for PRESTINGOLVA

Here are 12 definitions for PRESTINGOLVA, one of which came from a real
Vote for your 2 favorites no later than 11 AM EST, Sunday, January 2.

1. [Orkney & Shetland Islands] a clergyman.

2. [Linguistics] collective term for letters of the Glagolitic and early
Cyrillic alphabets that are not part of the Civil Script introduced
by Peter the Great in 1708.

3. a circular burial mound constructed over a pit grave and often
containing grave vessels, weapons, and the bodies of horses as well
as a single human body; originally in use in the Russian Steppes but
later spreading into eastern, central, and northern Europe in the
third millennium b.c.

4. a long narrow ridge or mound of sand or gravel deposited by a stream
flowing beneath a glacier.

5. [Tucano] a rope bridge.

6. Russian pastry made with butter, cocoa, cognac, and chopped nuts.

7. one of the five archaic human groups, the Neandertal being the most
well known of the five, as published in the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

8. [Arch.] a floor which serves also as a roof, as of a belfry or

9. a modern serif typeface involving shadowing to add dimension.

10. anticipating and answering an opponent's objections.

11. The steppe lemming _Lagurus lagurus_, found in Russia and Ukraine.

12. a pseudo–Eastern European word for oppression, coined by
Anti-Communists in the US in 1928.

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