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Old May 18th, 2017, 05:41 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2802 - results

Hi all

A kogal is a Japanese girl who likes to wear mini-skirts based on a school
uniform. There are lots of photos online, if you want to check out this

Two players got 5 unnatural points. Johnny Barrs is our next dealer, being
ahead on the rolling scores, while Nancy Shepherdson is the real winner.

Take it away Johnny.

1. Any sticky tree sap, used as glue by primitive tribes.
Keith Hale, who voted 7 & 8. Score: 0
2. A martial art combining features of karate and capoeira.
Mike Shefler, who voted 6 & 10. Score: 0
3. (in Japan) A teenage girl or young woman noted for her busy social life
and her purchase of designer clothes, accessories, and the latest
electronic gadgets.
Collins Dictionary. D3.
Votes from Nancy S, Dave C, Johnny B.
4. A slow-cooked stew of meat, potatoes, beans, and barley.
Judy Madnick, who voted 8 & 10. Score: 1
Vote from Johnny B.
5. An involution.
Guerri Stevens, who voted 6 & 12. Score: 0
6. A Mongolian saddle consisting of little more than a flat leather pad.
Tim Bourne, who voted 7 & 12. Score: 4
Votes from Dan W, Efrem M, Mike S, Guerri S.
7. An old Russian unit of area, equal to about 2.7 acres or or 1.1 hectares.
Efrem Mallach, who voted 6 & 12. Score: 3
Votes from Keith H, Tim B, Tim L.
8. A type of walnut tree found in Indonesia and Borneo: unripe nuts are
used to produce a orange-yellow dye
Johnny Barrs, who voted *3* & 4. Score: 5
Votes from Keith H, Tim L, Judy M.
9. To heave or to retch, as in an effort to vomit.
Dan Widdis, who voted 6 & 10. Score: 0
10. _Obs. rare_ A kind of tree with bitter wood (not identified).
Tim Lodge, who voted 7 & 8. Score: 4
Votes from Dan W, Dave C, Mike S, Judy M.
11. An ore of wolfram (tungsten).
Dave Cunningham, who voted *3* & 10. Score: 3
Vote from Nancy S.
12. A hot, springfed pond warmed by nearby volcanic activity.
Nancy Shepherdson, who voted *3* & 11. Score: 5
Votes from Tim B, Efrem M, Guerri S.
13. A narrow convex molding often having the form of beading.
Chris Carson, who didn't vote, Score: 0

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