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Old May 10th, 2008, 05:07 PM
JerryWThompson JerryWThompson is offline
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Default Back Up in FtWorth

Indeed, by or before 15:04:11 pm (CDT Sat 10 May'08) the node was back up!!!

I am able to read my eMail via CompuSeve 4.0.2 ((grin) which identifies itself to my operating system (Windows XP SP2) as CS3.Exe) but I have yet to discovered the 'magic formula' to convert them (eMails) to Recon 2.50a format where I have between 10 and 15-20 years worth of stored/archived/packrated messages from various list servers and people. {{(smile) please don't tell my wife}}.

I've filed the tech phone numbers for future reference. Thanks!

Thanks for the assistance!!!

FtWorth, Texas 76109-5337
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