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Old September 11th, 2018, 08:04 PM
Efrem G Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2922 DIRL Voting Time!


Thirteen possible definitions of DIRL follow. They have been edited for format consistency and are in alphabetical order as Excel understands it.

One of these definitions is correct, but which? The others are the products of your collective minds. Please vote for two that you like for any reason (such as, but not necessarily, thinking that they might be correct) by public Reply to this message before the deadline that follows the list.

1. [Bot.] the directional rotation of climbing vines.

2. [computer science] processing time required by a device prior to the execution of a command.

3. [of humor] light or brilliant.

4. [Scot.] to vibrate or shake.

5. a flounced hem at the bottom of a taffeta skirt, worn by British women in the 18th Century.

6. a multi-purpose tool with a hammer head on one end, and jaws for gripping and turning a nut or bolt on the other end.

7. a screw device for raising and lowering sluices, esp. at a water mill.

8. a small freshwater game fish similar to a trout, found primarily in the Colorado River basin.

9. a yard ornament; also known as a whirligig.

10. an extravagant flourish at the end of a signature.

11. to make a log spin by walking on it.

12. to place a pattern of indentations on a knob or other control.

13. to push, nudge, shove; esp. to jerk the hand and arm unlawfully when shooting a marble; to push the hand slyly forward to be nearer the mark. Also (in later use): to shoot a marble from the hand by jerking the bent thumb (with no implication of cheating).

The deadline for voting is just under 48 hours from now: 9 pm on Thursday, September 13, in US EDT. According to timeanddate.com <http://timeanddate.com/>, that is:

and other times in other places. Please check any conversion that applies to you. That site is good, but nobody's perfect.

New players are welcome to vote, even if you didn't submit a definition for this word - as are, of course, veteran players who happened not to. Full rules at http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules <http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules> .

Vote on, friends!


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