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Old June 6th, 2019, 01:08 AM
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Default [Dixonary] Rd. 2988: ANTA results

Hi all,

I am thankful for a relatively drama-less round. I'm not sure Efrem
Mallach will be thankful for his runaway win, an unnatural 7 for his eave
decorations. Runners up, with 4 unnatural, were Johnny Barrs and his
mushroom and Dave Cunningham and his theater entrance. Chris Carson earned
4 natural for his ridge and so it the real winner.

The first three all voted for the real def, the architectural pier, below.
The As point to the antas.

[image: Illustration of anta]
The votes are summarized below. Sorry if the formatting is bad. Take it
away, Efrem!


1. A morbid fear of exams.

Tony Abell


2. [Arch.] a small block used as a repeating decorative element,
e.g., under an eave.

Effrem Mallach

Votes: Widdis, Shefler, Barrs, Cunningham, Abell 5+2*=7

3. the inky cap mushroom when the edges have turned up and the gills
have begun to deliquesce

John Barrs +2

Votes: Widdis, Stevens

4. [Gael.] a waterfall.

Tim Lodge

Votes: McGill

5. The primary entrance to a theater or opera house.

Dave Cunningham

Votes: Debbie, Mallach

6. duress of some kind.

Guerri Stevens

Votes: Lodge

7. [Geol.] a high plain between two mountain ranges.

Mike Shefler

Votes: Madnick

8. wooden-soled Japanese shoe

Judy Madnick

Votes: McGill

9. A ridge with a gentle slope on one side and a cliff on the other.

Chris Carson

Votes: Madnick, Carson, Shefler, Abell 4+0=4

10. A pier produced by thickening a wall at its termination.


Votes: Barrs, Cunningham, Mallach D3

11. [Chinese] a small, outdoor clay oven

Ryan McGill

Votes: Debbie

12. Polish sour rye soup.

Shani Naylor

13. "Cash" coins minted with a center hole.


14. (Art) Having the ground engraved or cut out in the parts to be
enameled; inlaid in depressions made in the ground; -- said of a kind of
enamel work in which depressions made in the surface are filled with enamel
pastes, which are afterward fired; also, designating the process of making
such enamel work.

Dan Widdis

Votes: Stevens

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