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Old July 26th, 2020, 09:06 AM
Efrem G Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3091 GULLY-SHOOTING voting time


Fourteen definitions of GULLY-SHOOTING follow. One, believe it or not, is correct. (Really.) The rest are products of your imaginative minds. They have been edited slightly for format consistency and are in ascending order by character count. That might not correspond to visual length in your email display font.

Please vote for two by Reply to this message before the deadline that follows the list. If you realize on seeing the definitions that you know what GULLY-SHOOTING means, let me know me by private email to emallach (AT) verizon (DOT) net..

1. bowling very badly.

2. arguing on an invalid premise.

3. pointing oars upward while rowing.

4. [slang] stealing stray or unbranded cattle.

5. [slang] engaging in a dangerous undertaking.

6. a cinematic technique used for filming atmospheric night scenes.

7. the sport of shooting birds (usually pigeons) released from traps.

8. forming a dam or weir in a river for keeping fish or taking them easily.

9. in country line dancing, a series of forward triple steps combined with swivels known as snake hips.

10. a photographic technique that uses false lines of perspective to make an object seem farther away than it is.

11. attacking or seizing a stationary or easily harmed target; in criminal argot, identifying and pursuing an easy target, or gull.

12. field videography by freelance videographers, who make up a larger pool of cinematographers, when small filler projects are needed.

13. in squash or rackets, a ball which is played very close to the front wall and hits both side walls before legally hitting the front wall.

14. a competitive game, popular in the foothills of the United States' mountainous Pacific Northwest region, wherein the object is to traverse a gully in the least amount of time, usually by means of a raft or other light watercraft. Variants include gully-shooting without watercraft and gully-shooting with the object of crossing the stream or river that the gully feeds into. Also popular in New England, where it is known as a vale-run.

Votes are due in a bit under 47 (not 48!) hours from now: Tues., July 28, at 9 am US EDT. According to timeanddate.com, that is:

and other times in other places. Please check any time conversion that applies to you. That site is good, but nobody's perfect.

New players are welcome to vote, as are old friends who didn't submit a definition. The only requirement is that you not know what the word means. Full rules at http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules .

Vote away!


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