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Old December 24th, 2020, 12:00 PM
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Default RE: [Dixonary] Round 3129: AMBREADA results

And the winner is….. First, yes, it is about amber. The Dictionary definition is #6 “A kind of factitious amber, which the Europeans sell to the Africans” and it comes from Noah Webster’s An American Dictionary of the English Language, the first (1828) edition. And I like the use of the term ‘factitious’, a word which could use more exposure.

The dealer of the next round is Judy Madnick, who got four votes, plus guessed for the real def. The winner is Johnny Barrs, with five votes. Here are the results:

1. A stately old Spanish dance, possibly a forerunner of the tango. tim Bourne. Received votes from Keating, Dixon and McGill, voted for 8 and 9. Score: 3

2. A sunbather. Paul Keating. Received votes from Shefler. Voted for 1 and 11. Score: 1

3. An extensive upland desert surface consisting either of bare bedrock or of bedrock covered by a thin layer of pebbles. Judy Madnick. Received votes from Lodge, Shepherdson, Naylor and Dixon. Voted for 4 and 6 (the real def). Score: 6

4. Industrially made false amber used for jewelry. Johnny Barrs. Received votes from E Mallach, Madnick and Abell. Voted for 6 (the real def) and 12. Score: 5

5. An ironwood sword or club used among some indigenous South American peoples. Tim Lodge. Received no votes. Voted for 3 and 7. Score: 0

6. A kind of factitious amber, which the Europeans sell to the Africans. Dictionary. Received votes from Barrs, Madnick and Abell. D3

7. A scale shaped like the figure 8, showing the declination of the sun and the equation of time for each day of the year. Shani Naylor. Received votes from Lodge, Widdis and Fein. Voted for 3 and 11. Score: 3

8. A dry measure in Spain and Spanish America, equal to about 1.57 U.S. bushels. Efrem Mallach. Received votes from Embler and Bourne. Voted for 4 and 14. Score: 2

9. A ritualistic parade and blessing, in Castilian Spain, to usher in the fall harvest. Steve Dixon. Received a vote from Bourne. Voted for 1 and 3. Score: 1

10. A ripple in a stream or current of water; also, a place where the water ripples, as on a shallow rapid. Daniel Widdis. Received votes from Embler and Shepherdson. Voted for 7 and 13. Score:2

11. A detachable lace collar. Nancy Shepherdson. Received votes from Keating and Naylor. Voted for 3 and 10. Score: 2

12. A dusky amber color. Tony Abell. Received a vote from Barrs. Voted for 4 and 6 (the real def). Score: 3

13. A technique used in manual fabric dying which results in an evenly-distributed gradient between two or more hues. Ryan McGill. Received votes from Widdis and Fein. Voted for 1 and 16. Score: 2

14. A type of Mexican liquor infused with yellow cannabis. Dave Cunningham. Received a vote from E Mallach. Did not vote. Score: 1

15. A tall, square, stone monolith usually erected on a hilltop. Debby Fein. Received a vote from Shefler. Voted for 7 and 13. Score: 1

16. A 3rd magnitude star in the constellation Bootes, noted for its golden color. Mike Shefler. Received a vote from McGill. Voted for 2 and 15. Score: 1

Best, and Happy Holidays to all,


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