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Old February 4th, 2018, 05:02 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 2869 ZABERNISM - Def up - Vote

On this Superbowl night (night to me) here are 11 definitions - sorted
more-or-less by length - to distract you from the half-time show - or
the game, whichever is the most boring; or maybe during a add break -
whatever ..

It is only 11 defs but to make up for that here are a fair number of
words. Find some time to vote for TWO definitions, as a public forum or
group message (in reply to this one), before the deadline..

10:00 pm on Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 in the UK
5:00 pm on******* East Coast USA
2:00 pm on******* West Coast USA
8:00 am on* 7 Feb in parts of Oz

New Players are welcome, even if you didn't submit a definition you may


1. a witch hunt

*2. artistic preference of the everyday to the legendary

*3. The misuse of military power or authority; bullying, aggression

*4. a genetic defect in which the nasal passages do not develop properly

*5. the belief that all life on Earth stems from extraterrestrial origins

*6. a "retro-Rococo" style of architecture which enjoyed a brief
resurgence in Austria and Germany in the1950's

*7. the practice of spending excessively on advertising that doesn't
mention the product being sold, esp. in the Super Bowl

*8. a belief that digestion is improved by the eating of prunes with
every meal (after _Dr. Francis Zaber_ of Battle Creek, Michigan)

*9. the practice of choosing names for products or companies, such as
Aardvark or Zum, that will stand out at the beginning or end of a list
of search results

10. an apocalyptic doctrine that predicted the end of the world on June
13, 1881 and again seven years later; named for its main proponent,
Cyril Zabern (1826- 1890), an American from St. Louis, Missouri

11. a short-lived avant-garde art movement named after Swiss painter
Johannes Zabern (1875-1927). Derived from futurism and cubism, it
reached its climax at an exhibition in Paris in 1913 and dwindled in
influence after World War I

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